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NAB AFL Under-16 Championships – Round Three Results

  • Saturday, July 14 2012 @ 07:18 am ACST
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The Under 16 Championships concluded today.  Yesterday Western Australia clinched the Division one title.  Today Queensland won to take home the Division two title.  In Division three the winner was WA North-West in a great sign of strength for that state and the opening up of further development in the remote communities in that part of Australia.

The international bragging rights were on the line in the final match of the championships and it was the South Pacific team coming out on top to win by 46 points.  Some consolation for the World XVIII however with Hugh Curnow (who plays with the Northern Knights in the TAC Cup) being awarded the inaugural Mark Browning Medal for the Division three best and fairest.

Full results below. 

Results from the 2012 NAB AFL Under-16 Championship Round Three Division Two and Three matches played today at Blacktown International Sportspark in Sydney.

Division Three

 WA North-West 5.7 11.10 16.13  21.16 (142)


Flying Boomerangs 1.0 2.1 3.1   4.1 (25)



WA NW: Ansey 5, Z.Cox 4, Evans 2, McAdam 2, Powell 2, Birch 2, Stretch, Skeen, Watson, Dunn

Boomerangs: Dhamarrandji 2, Gresham , Thorpe-Morgan



WA NW: Z.Cox, Skeen, Blackley, Ansey, Hughes, Powell

Boomerangs: Mason, Ah Chee, Davis, Morrison, Briggs, McKenzie


South Pacific  2.3 7.4 11.5  14.7 (91)

World XVIII 2.0 3.1 4.5  6.9 (45)



South Pacific: Tatupu 3, Eoe 2, Sablon 2, Taulani 2,  Johnson 2, Savere, Tabaiwalu, Misoloi

World XVIII: Curnow 2, Jakwot, Dawan, Nyok, Zivanic



South Pacific: Johnson, Riddell, Phillips, Macca, Misoloi, Eoe, Warrall, Messenger

World XVIII: Curnow, Sertbas, Moshoeshoe, Aganas, Willett-Fatnowna, Tang


Western Australia North-West won the Division Three title


Hugh Curnow from World XVIII won the inaugural Mark Browning Medal, presented to the Division Three best and fairest.


Mark Browning played 251 games for South Melbourne/ Sydney Swans from 1975 – 1987. He was club best and fairest in 1983 and captained the Swans in 1984 and 1985. Mark has been working in AFL talent development for the past 30 years with AFL Tasmania, AFL NSW/ACT and AFL Queensland.


Division Three NAB MVP players:

Western Australian North-West: Zenneth Cox

Flying Boomerangs: John Mason

South Pacific: Shem Tatupu

World XVIII: Erol Sertbas


Tasmania 3.3 6.7 8.12  12.12 (84)

Northern Territory 1.0 3.3 5.7  8.8 (56)



Tas: Joseph 5, Pitchford 3, Fox 2, Wooldridge, Reissig

NT: Cockatoo 2, Lacey 2, McDonald 2, Myers, Godden



Tas: Hislop, Pearce, Mullins, Hibberd, Joseph, Dickenson, Wooldridge, Pitchford

NT: Cockatoo, Pareroultja, Duffy, Perrira, Myers, Larson


Queensland 2.4 5.6 7.6  15.8 (98)


NSW/ACT  4.2 8.3 11.4  12.5 (77)



Qld: Hammelman 6, Tomsana 3, Mosley 2 Agita, Dawson, Jacoson, Trask

NSW/ACT: Coughlan 4, Roos 2, Barty, Davis, Carroll, Finlayson, Foote, Wetzlar



Qld: Haberfield, Hammelman, Watson, Jackson, Weller, Blood

NSW/ACT: Heeney, Coughlan, Roos, Maslin, Green


Queensland won the Division Two title.


Lachlan Weller from Queensland won the McLean Medal, presented to the Division Two best and fairest.


Division Two NAB MVP players:

Northern Territory: Sam Godden

Tasmania: Alex Pearce

NSW/ACT: Isaac Heeny

Queensland: Cassidy Haberfield


Divison One Results (played yesterday)

Western Australia 1.5 2.10 6.12  9.14 (68)

Vic Country 1.1 3.1 6.3   8.6 (54)



WA: Hille 3, Miller-Lewis 2, Dragovich, Pickett, Grace, Delcuca

Vic C: Goddard 4, Marchbank 2, Lamb, Mennen



WA: Hille, Walsh, Smith, Lim, Deluca

Vic C: Goddard, Mellington, Buykx-Smith, Lamb, Maher


South Australia 1.2 4.4 11.4  12.8 (80)


Vic Metro 3.3 6.3 6.5  10.6 (66)



SA: Watchman 3, Wilkie 3, Johansen, Gregson, Turner, Markov, Durdin, Neal-Bullen

Vic M: Ahern 2, Brayshaw, Goodyear, Langdon, Lever, Moore, Petryshyn, Sullivan, Viojo-Rainbow



SA: Durdin, Neal-Bullen, Johansen, Gregson, Westley, Watchman

Vic M: Brayshaw, Nielson, Myers, Carboni, Sheridan-Ferrie,



Western Australia won the Division One title.


Brad Walsh from Western Australia won the Sheehan Medal, presented to the Division One best and fairest.


NAB MVP players:

Angus Brayshaw (Vic Metro)

Hugh Goddard (Vic Country)

Shayne Hille (Western Australia)

Jake Johansen (South Australia)