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Thursday, June 04 2020 @ 05:20 am ACST

World XVIII Internationals named

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The AFL this week named the nine players to come from outside Australia to be part of the World 18 team. As in previous years the rest of the team will be made up of multicultural players living and playing footy in Australia.

In addition to the two American players featured previously on WFN, South Africa is represented by four players and one each from Indonesia, Denmark and Hong Kong.


Indonesian player Richard Wood learnt the game with the seniors team at the Borneo Bears, even before the Bears Junior program started. Richard has developed into a gutsy centreman with a raking left boot and slick mark.

Currently playing during the week with Guilford Grammar in Perth and with a local Perth side on weekends, Richard has developed a passion for Australia’s great game and his ambition is to play football at the highest level in Australia.

Thomas Murphy plays for Hong Kong Blues in the South China AFL and has also represented the Hong Kong Dragons in International matches.

 Mikkel Kjøge from Denmark is a product of the Farum Cats juniors and has played for Denmark against Geelong College in 2010.

First Name Last Name DOB Height Weight Country
Thomas Murphy 8/08/1996 188 70 Hong Kong/Australia
Nolan Ellis 10/05/1996 175 70 USA
Brandon Heicklen 8/07/1997 180 70 USA
Mkhize Msiszi 7/01/1996 182 76 South Africa
Akholiw Figlon 12/06/1995 176 56 South Africa
Thato Manoto 5/03/1996 175 63 South Africa
Ayanda Moshoeshoe 11/09/1996 173 61 South Africa
Richard Wood 13/11/1996 172 57 Indonesia
Mikkel Kjøge 22/2/1995     Denmark
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World XVIII Internationals named
Authored by: Brett Northey on Thursday, May 31 2012 @ 06:45 pm ACST

This is becoming a concern.  The World XVIII concept was originally intended to provide a pathway and showcase for the best juniors from around the world outside of the South Pacific.  It was supplemented with a few players that were migrants to Australia, and that was fine as it gave them a pathway too whilst supporting the fledgling truly international players.

But the balance has now skewed way too far towards locals.  And I think many of us had hoped that South Africa by now would be fielding its own side.  Instead their numbers have dwindled and rather than be replaced by other internationals it's been with the migrant players.  The message seems to be that there's no international talent being developed, or they are choosing or unable to make the journey, or they are being overlooked in favour of locals.

Brett Northey - Co-founder and Chief Editor of WFN
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World XVIII Internationals named
Authored by: Troy Thompson on Thursday, May 31 2012 @ 08:53 pm ACST

The notable omission for me was Canadians (i think from memory there were four last year), not sure why we have a drop off there?  I think the 4 South African spots are probably dictated by the available scholarships to cover costs?

There were definitely some benchmark levels that players nominated had to meet also (ala the combine testing) so perhaps there were a number who weren't up to the mark - the AFL release on this suggested that anyway.

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World XVIII Internationals named
Authored by: spike23 on Friday, June 01 2012 @ 12:56 am ACST

The lack of Canadians is due to a couple of factors. The lack of support from AFL Canada being one of the main reasons and finances being the other. One Canadian player did submit an application (He was on the World XV111 team last year) but was not selected this year. We had 2 others from the World team last year that were willing but money and a lack of communication and support from AFLC lead them to not submit an application.

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