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ANZAC Day Match to kickstart Philippine season


An annual Anzac Day Match is an important event held near the start of the Philippine AFL season.  The match has been held on or around Anzac Day since 2007,  and is contested for "The PAFL ANZAC Day Match Sands Of Gallipoli Trophy" which was donated by the Defence Attache to the Philippines. The Defence Attache also donates and awards the 'Anzac Medal' each year to the player who best typifies the Anzac spirit - courage, tenacity, initiative and teamwork.

This year the official season kicks off on 5th May 2012 with matches now played at the Nomad Sports Club in Manila.


The Philippine AFL was created in 2004 and currently has about 40 players, of ex-pat Aussies and an handful of Filipino and similarly, players of several other nationalities. The league has run a two team weekly competition since its inception, currently playing at about 10/11-a-side.

The league has hosted the Manila Cup, a 12-a-side competition with up to 6 other Asia based teams participating each year since 2008. This annual competition has so far been played at the Manila Polo club, that the league proudly touts as the best playing surface in Asia.

In 2005 the Philippine AFL hosted the Asian Championships at this same ground in Manila.

At the 2011 Manila Cup the Alabang Crows, a Philippine based team took part for the first time and the league is hopeful of the Crows becoming that all important 3rd 'expansion' team in the league in the near future.

Thanks to Derek Ackary for this story.

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ANZAC Day Match to kickstart Philippine season
Authored by: Brett Northey on Wednesday, April 25 2012 @ 10:33 pm ACST

This is a bit off topic really, but on the subject of ANZAC Day, I thought this article on The Footy Almanac was interesting.  Questions why ANZAC Day has become so significant in a footy sense and whether it should be.  I'm not really siding one way or the other on this one, nor I think does the author.  I think it has a place but I do cringe at some of the over the top media connections made, such as references to "Generals" Hird and Buckley and likening player acts of courage to acts of sacrifice in war.

What I found particularly interesting in the article was the questioning of how much Australians supported being involved in WW1.  It's easy to assume now that it was widely supported, unlike say Vietnam or Iraq mark 2 etc.  But whereas it's easy to conjure up the attrocities of the Nazis of WW2 as worthy villians it's not so easy to justify involvement in the imperial battles of WW1.  So its interesting to read (in a footy article of all places) that apparently many Australians at the time indeed did not support Australia's involvement.  Note that this does not necessarily diminish support/respect for those who fell in Australia's name.


Brett Northey - Co-founder and Chief Editor of WFN
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