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Sunday, July 05 2020 @ 12:02 am ACST

Stateside Footy calls for USAFL footage

North America

Bill Robert Producer/Host of Stateside Footy regularly brings us match coverage based around his home team the Boston Demons.   His program shows on many TV stations around the US and following on from his 2011 US Nationals coverage and heading into the 2012 season Bill would like to branch out to provide more coverage of more teams across the US.  But to do this he will need submissions from around the nation to add to his program.

Bill has asked us to help him get the message out.  So over to you Bill.

"The producers of "Stateside Footy" are looking to add some new segments to the program for the 2012 Australian Rules Football season. Simply put, we'd like to widen the breadth of what we're doing as far as shining the spotlight on Aussie Rules played here in the States. And, to do this, we are asking for your help.  

One segment is called "STATES-WIDE FOOTY", and it would feature video highlights from USAFL clubs all over the country. U.S. Footy Clubs who shoot video at their games are invited to send us a highlight package of their club in action, which we would include in an encapsulated presentation at the mid-point of the program.  This would be similar to the old Monday Night Football halftime highlight package presented by Howard Cosell (except I will not say "HE COULD GO ALL THE WAY!").

Packages should be around 3 minutes in length, and players who factor in the plays should be identified so we can give them proper credit when we do the voice-overs. Another segment would feature footage of special moments sent in by U.S. Footy Clubs, and would be similar in vein to "Almost Footy Legends" on the Nine Network's AFL Footy Show. We are looking for clips of booming goal kicks, outstanding aerial marks, and humorous miscues on the footy ground. This segment, to be called "BANGERS, HANGERS, AND CLANGERS", would highlight the amazing and amusing things that happen on a footy ground and illustrate why we all love this great game.

The most important part of these segments is the contributions from USAFL clubs and members from across the U.S.A. If you would like to be a part of these new "Stateside Footy" segments, email me at billrobert@statesidefootytv.com and I'll let you know how to submit your items."

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