Jackos Challenge No. 3 Steve Thompson

Wednesday, February 15 2012 @ 09:30 am ACDT

Contributed by: John McIntyre

Another Jacko's Challenge from Sharks TV, this time at Glasgow Green, closer to home for the Challenger Steve Thompson.

Thomo is an Aussie who has the pressure of taking on the undefeated Jacko, while Jacko in the same vein has the added pressure of trying to maintain his unbeaten streak.

Video here.

This week the Jacko's Challenge poll has 4 up for the vote.

1) Scott O`Hara
2) Gary Bruce
3) Ross Thomson
4) Alexander Clark - This is his third time in the poll!

Vote for the player you would like to see take on Jacko here.

Thanks, and good luck Thomo.

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