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Kangas forced to say more on Daw

  • Wednesday, February 08 2012 @ 08:50 pm ACDT
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Media and public speculation seem to have forced North Melbourne's hand in detailing reasons for his suspension announced today. The initial tactic of trying to protect Daw by giving almost no details has backfired with forums and news/sports station being innundated by suggestions as to what Daw's actions may have been.

The following statement is a press release from North Melbourne coach Brad Scott;

“Our main focus is to support Majak wholly and we take his welfare very seriously.  The statement we released was generic for a reason, to attempt to protect Majak.  There were no lies told, there was no cover up.  I’m now being forced to clarify that statement because of disappointing rumours and innuendo.


 “Let me be clear, Majak was suspended for two reasons only in that he breached rehab protocol by going out when he should have been resting his knee and because he lied to me about going out. 

 “Any other player would have been treated the same and until he complies with our standards and expectations, he won’t be welcome back into the group.

“I’ve been in constant dialogue with Majak and he is extremely remorseful.  I know at heart, he is a terrific young guy and that’s why we will support him.  We are not interested in hanging him out to dry.  With a player of his profile, we can’t suspend him from the football club without people knowing, so we made the decision to release that information in the interests of being up front.

“Unfortunately, there is an element out there that want to bring Majak down and have seen fit to spread rumours about him.

“The other issues that have been raised, have absolutely nothing to do with his suspension and I have known about them for some time.  He owes a player money, he is working to repay that player.  It’s less than a thousand dollars and is a trivial matter.  Majak’s conduct is completely above board and he has done nothing wrong in seeing the ex-girlfriend of a former player.

“There are some media organisations which want to hang him out to dry.  He’s had to deal with some things which are unfair.  He’s been racially abused at a VFL game.  He’s had to deal with things that men of his age shouldn’t have to deal with and we also have to take into account his unique background having come to Australia from Sudan.”