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Wednesday, September 30 2020 @ 05:34 am ACST

Future bright for defeated Euro Cup debutants the Swiss Swans


The Euro Cup was the perfect opportunity for the latest addition to the world of women’s football, the Swiss Swans, to show off their skills, despite the Swiss team having only formed a few months earlier on the back of the new women’s team in Lugano. Though the girls lost 126 – 6 to the impressive Irish Banshees, the consensus from both teams was that it was a fantastic and enjoyable experience, and despite a few ruffled feathers, the Swans will be back at the Euro Cup next year.

“We already knew that the enthusiasm of our girls couldn't be enough against a strong and more experienced team as Ireland, and we'll give them our congratulation for the great game,” commented Mattia Sacchi, coach of the team. “But it was important to be there and realize how high is the standard required to play AFL at international level. Anyway, me and my assistant Luca Urso, who has all my biggest thanks for his great job, are really proud of each girl, because in a very short time they improved a lot, they did a big sacrifice to come to Belfast, and they gave their best till the last second.”

Despite their loss, Sacchi regards the Swans’ debut in the Euro Cup as a really good step towards a bright future for Australian Football in Europe. Furthermore, Sacchi went on to say, “We'd like to develop footy in other towns in the country, and we are working towards this. In the meantime we're looking for any possibilities to have a tournament with the Italian women’s team, as they still have a better background than us. We have time and are willing to improve. We are sure of our potential.”

Despite the non-attendance of the Italian women’s team at the Euro Cup, with the Irish Banshees setting a high international standard, and women’s football creeping up to three national teams Europe-wide, the future of women’s football in Europe is looking more optimistic. Despite its slow start, compared to the take-off in women’s football in the USA and Canada, with the same enthusiasm and effort that the Swans showed against the mighty Banshees, Sacchi’s bright outlook can surely become reality.

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