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IC11 Behind the Scenes - Volunteers, Media and more

International Cup 2011

The Volunteers, the Specialists, the Honchos, WFN and other Media…

The International Cup is a major logistical as well as football exercise. It featured several hundred players and officials playing at three main sites, Blacktown International Sportspark, at Royal Park and the MCG as well as one day of matches spread around Sydney. Local volunteers are crucial for a tournament with over 500 players and two weeks of matches. While the AFL provided organisational support – and, crucially, insurance for the international teams – the key people are the volunteers. It is a given that the players arrive with the support of coaches, managers and in some cases trainers, the international volunteers, but the local volunteers are equally important.

The men and women in orange, the trainers and physios…

On the other side of the boundary line, almost, the umpires are the most essential volunteers who make the International Cup go round. Except in the 1850s-60s when the captains were the joint umpires, the men, and now women, in white, and now orange, are essential. The IC11 featured a truly international combination – local umpires from Victorian city, country and amateur leagues and NSW umpires coupled with international umpires, who had, like the players, flown in from overseas. Some came on scholarships, others under their own steam. From St Louis, Missouri, came Jon Mills, looking every bit as distinguished as the British actor of the same name, while also from the US came one of the two Division 1 men's grand final field umpires in Jeff Persson. He was also one of three umpires of the first ever IC women’s match, between Ireland and Canada at Blacktown, along with the game’s wisest (that is perhaps oldest) umpy, Jim McSweeney.  To his credit, Victorian premier Ted Baillieu came to Royal Park not just for the coin toss he also talked to the umpires.

Physios and trainers were central. The physio tables and the trainers’ magic boxes and skills provided the kind of specialist support which footy needs. The trainers were perhaps the unsung heroes….when they were applying bandages, testing muscles for possible tears or giving therapeutic massage…. or, at times, sipping a coffee while waiting to be called onto the ground at any given moment….  One of the trainers, Glenys, who also does duty with the Western Jets TAC team and the Brisbane Lions in Melbourne, suited up for a second International Cup after working at Royal Park in 2008. Always with coffee in hand, except when needed on the field or at the MCG where it was too far away, she is a stalwart who keeps the game going.

The Honchos…of Game Development

The Cup could not have run without the honchos, the AFL development staffers who were there in great numbers, doing much of the hard organisational yakka, even with their not exactly accurate ‘Volunteer’ T-shirts. One was the recipient of the Urban Cowboy’s imagination when the scoreboard became the ‘Peter Romaniwcz’ Scoreboard. Behind the scenes in AFL organisation were the co-ordinators, women’s football development manager Jan Cooper (usually based in Perth), AFL International Development manager Tony Woods and AFL Development head, David Matthews.

The Boundary Line Media – the Urban Cowboy

Also a feature was the Urban Cowboy, Rodney Grljusich, whether with binoculars in one hand and mike in another perched against a pole in the Blacktown media centre, rugged up against the wind at Royal Park, or besuited in pin stripes with cowboy dress hat at the MCG Grand Final. Tastes in footy and extra-footy metaphors vary (consider Rex Hunt on radio and Dennis Cometti on TV). Yet the Urban Cowboy’s rocking calls added to the atmosphere of many of the matches…and unlike radio callers, he called not for 90 seconds until the other caller took over, he rides the commentary horse for a full match, and then saddles up again for the next one … and then match after match…

Part of the character of the games in the last two cups has come from the verbal theatrics and detailed calling of Grljusich, who at the Melbourne International Cup was perched on an elevated platform. At Blacktown in 2011 as he looked down with binoculars in one hand, mike in the other and team sheets in front of him, taking in a vista of the beautiful Blacktown Oval with its four light towers of 76 lights, he enjoyed the comfort of the Level 2 media room. With a strong musical theme in his commentary (his other self is as a country singer) he has a rich commentary which might inspire in different ways Rex Hunt or Dennis Cometti.  When he’s in form the Irish women’s team was not just firing but ‘their soul’s on fire’ as he called them leading Canada’s Northern Lights towards 3 minutes from the end of the second quarter (2 3 15 to 1 0 6). By this time the Canadian cheer squad was showing goose pimples, with desperate hands on their hats.

The Urban Cowboy offers more than a large plate full of musical rhymes. He also appreciates the quality of the international game and knows what it means. Calling the brilliant football in the match between the Danes and the victorious running Nauruans, IC11 was ‘History in the making. Welcome to football. Welcome to the future – International Football!’     It is not surprising that he has an annual gig as the ground commentator at the USAFL nationals in October (this year for the first time, they are in Austin, Texas)!

The Exotic Media, WorldFootyNews.com, afl.com.au and ….?

The Leader suburban newspaper chain’s photographer came, the SBS French and Hindi programs came, and World Footy News had the biggest presence of all. The media covering the International Cup were indeed diverse and different. The SBS French radio French team covered several matches while their Hindi colleagues followed India’s progress. As always, the Peace Team attracted a media contingent. When Ted Baillieu and Andrew Demetriou made joint ‘big boys’ appearances, it was picked up on most commercial television news services. In Melbourne, radio was more interested (particularly SEN and ABC 774) than the press, which failed to report even scores in their results pages. Print made a belated comeback when the Herald Sun ran a photo of the celebratory Irish on the back of its Sunday Herald Sun sports supplement and when Martin Flanagan – who also did a suburban imitation of Hunter S Thompson by marching with the Peace Team in the Parade of Nations at the MCG – wrote a major Saturday Age sports article on the Cup as a festival of footy. Strangely, the Sydney press was a fraction more fascinated by the great event than the pack hunters of the sports pages of the Melbourne print media.

Amongst the hardest reporting work was done by the experienced volunteers of the World Footy News team, particularly Troy Thompson and with pen, pc and camera, the indefatigable Tobietta Ryman on the ground, Aaron Richard and Brett Northey co-ordinating, which led to thanks from several national team managers. Your correspondent only made a smaller contribution but continues to have an interest in both footy and its culture. worldfootynews.com also contributed to the afl.com.au site due to WFN’s wide coverage of matches, along with AFL NSW/ACT reporter Jordan Laing, while AFL promotion was co-ordinated by Michelle Clyne, and updating the AFL website late into the night was Tanya Dewhurst.

 * A note on scoreboards. The scoreboard may also have volunteered too. The scoreboard at Royal Park’s western oval had ‘Aberfeldie vs. Visitors’ (regarding the Essendon DFL team) on it, before the IC teams’ names covered it. However, there was a problem at all three grounds. One of the greatest practical weaknesses of the IC, especially at Royal Park, was the ground level scoreboards which were hard to see from most parts of the ground. Either an AFL contribution towards elevated scoreboards at Royal Park is needed or perhaps some clever inventor will create a device (poles?) to elevate the scoreboards above fence level.

The AFL's Michelle Clyne and WFN's Tobie Rhyman at Blacktown

The AFL's Tony Woods, Sam Mostyn and Jan Cooper at Blacktown

Radio Francais staff

Trainers Glenys and Toni at Royal Park

Birdwatching Urban Cowboy at Royal Park

Vital equipment

The Pinstripe Cowboy at the MCG

Jon Mills and Jim McSweeney debate a decision?

World Footy News' Troy Thompson and Brett Northey and "the WFN ute"

French players shake hands with the umpires

Physios were vital through the gruelling tournament

The AFL's David Matthews interviewed by the Urban Cowboy

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IC11 Behind the Scenes - Volunteers, Media and more | 17 comments | Create New Account
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IC11 Behind the Scenes - Volunteers, Media and more
Authored by: tinka13 on Wednesday, October 05 2011 @ 03:35 pm ACDT

Once again, a fantastic tournament. We have had country Victoria and Western Sydney plus obviously Melbourne in the past for all the right reasons, but now is the time to seriously look at holding the tournament either in Perth, Adelaide or overseas if they have the capacity. I understand all of the logistics, but now is the time!

[ # ]
IC11 Behind the Scenes - Volunteers, Media and more
Authored by: Brett Northey on Thursday, October 06 2011 @ 02:35 pm ACDT

If it is to remain in Australia I'd love to see it in Adelaide but realistically footy seems to be too unhealthy here to open its collective mind to such things.  I would think Gold Coast followed by Perth would be the best chances.

Would love to see a country or group of countries put a very well researched and coordinated bid to the AFL to host it outside Australia - this is a regular topic of conversation which I'm pretty confident will not eventuate but if it was going to it seems Europe would be the best chance.  The key obstacles would be travel costs for developing countries across Oceania, visa issues for them as well, the desire of players to visit Australia and see AFL matches, the number of players already in Australia that probably wouldn't travel (*), and all the AFL support staff and local volunteers that would not be available.

Yes I'm listing all the negatives, I'm just being pragmatic and pointing out what hurdles have to be overcome.  If someone wants to demonstrate why they can be overcome fire away.

* This point alone I think would've meant several teams wouldn't have played, such as India and China.  In terms of travel I doubt we would've seen Fiji, Tonga, Timor-Leste, or the cream of PNG and Ireland.  On the other hand if it was in Europe we would've almost certainly got about 6 to 10 extra sides from there, and probably been cheaper for the US and Canada.

Brett Northey - Co-founder and Chief Editor of WFN
[ # ]
IC11 Behind the Scenes - Volunteers, Media and more
Authored by: Harley Vague on Saturday, October 08 2011 @ 04:46 pm ACDT

Whilst the players are footing the bill I'm sure the overwhelming consensus is Australia and Melbourne for the big event .
That's not to say Northern and Southern hemisphere events aren't going to grow in importance or that another Australian city cannot complement Melbourne .
This year the AFL covered the connecting costs of Sydney to Melbourne . That would have to be repeated at the very least .
Any host city needs the following to have the best chance at being successful (no order) .
1. Stadia for single games .
2. Multi-ground tournament arena 
3. AFL ambiance
4. City ambiance .
5. Community links .
6. Media  interest .
7. Low cost base .
8. Transport ease .
Most places should be able to procure stadia but a tournament arena such as Blacktown is rare .
Temporary facilities could turn parklands into prominent venues especially beside an established venue e.g. SCG,VP
IMO Sydney lacked by not having a SCG game the second week (that changes with the GWS).
Again Sydney is a hot tourist spot but it's difficult(by team bus) to get around and to Blacktown .   
IMO the WAFL and SANFL are the best chance of forging some curtain raiser/lowering games .
Also the smaller the city the easier it is to get media attention  .
Melbourne is swamped by AFL news and politically correct Sydney mentioned only briefly the Peace team and Tonga (indirectly affects the NRL)
I don't know the detail about accomodation but one team was staying in Woollongong this year .
The USAFL host city arranges an accomodation deal for the 300 or so attendees to their national tournament.  
For transport nothing really beats Melbourne ,Blacktown is awkward for buses and the  GC is far from Brisbane or Carrara .
IMO no destination ticks all the boxes .I do like the two city approach .If the connection costs were covered and teams were seeded
I' go so far as to suggest a different city for each pool for the first week .   

[ # ]
IC11 Behind the Scenes - Volunteers, Media and more
Authored by: fnuckle on Monday, October 10 2011 @ 01:17 am ACDT

Wow, where do I start with this drivel piece?

Please keep the cup in Melbourne, it's the home of football and we can then get this to be a showpiece of international footy not just some roadshow of a bunch of players from around the world.

It actually demeans the players who train hard and spend their hard earned to get here to then be playing in Blacktown in front of team mates and officials and mostly empty parks. (and a crowd of three seagulls and a crow)

The urban cowboy, please spare me the ear bleed, is the game that bad we need stupid and supurflus comments to pad up our enjoyment of a great game? Give him his horse back and let him ride off into the sunset.

Sorry, beautiful Blacktown? Was that burned out car at the entrance to the ground beautiful?

WFN were recompensed to attend and cover the cup, which is fine, I just hope you don't include yourselves as volunteers to the cause.

Sorry to be so negative but i'm just being pragmatic...... is there an echo in here?

P.S Royal Park North is a very good venue for the IC. (without the commentary) You only had to move to the left or right to see the scores, we don't need bigger or better scoreboards. I really enjoyed the international cup and it should be kept to two weeks in Melbourne and make it a huge event for the teams that attend.





[ # ]
IC11 Behind the Scenes - Volunteers, Media and more
Authored by: Harley Vague on Monday, October 10 2011 @ 11:35 am ACDT

Thankyou for the emotional reply Mr Fruckle as I was trying to stimulate some debate -hopefully logically .To logically answer your points .

I think it is agreed that Melbourne should host the final .In fact Melbourne has had the final for all the four events .In those four events the crowd the crowd has not increased .If you strip away all the players,officials ,helpers ,schoolkids and friiends that leaves only a handful of nuetrals -literally .Royal Park does the job but is it demeaning for players to have facilities worse than juniors ? Blacktown has superb facilities and tried hard but it and Sydney was problematic for teams .You ask if the urban Cowboy is necessary - well ,until we have crowds - yes .


[ # ]
IC11 Behind the Scenes - Volunteers, Media and more
Authored by: Brett Northey on Monday, October 10 2011 @ 11:50 am ACDT

If the argument "Melbourne, it's the home of football" is as good as it gets then move it straight away I say.  By that argument I guess the soccer World Cup should always be held in England, even the Rugby Union World Cup in Rugby, England.  If you never try anywhere else you could be missing some great opportunities.

I too was disappointed with the lack of attendance at Blacktown, although across the whole day I'm told it was about 2000 people across the 2 grounds on day 1.

As Cos said, Royal Park's facilities are far less, and it never gets more than about 200 spectators, the rest are other players and officials, frankly in my opinion Melbourne is a limiting factor in the International Cup every time it is held there.  It takes it for granted, it gets very little coverage, and we had more people turn up at the country venues in the past.  That was the 4th time Melbourne has held it.  The AFL does a great job with side events like the Sydney Harbour launch and the Crown dinner in Melbourne, but clearly the Melbourne public are not going to turn up to watch games (unless perhaps there's a massive advertising blitz which won't happen).  You would have a far better chance staging the event in Perth or Adelaide in terms of crowds - footy heartland people too but a smaller market, easier to promote into and less fully AFL focussed media.  Keeping it in Melbourne keeps it low key.

Brett Northey - Co-founder and Chief Editor of WFN
[ # ]
IC11 Behind the Scenes - Volunteers, Media and more
Authored by: Troy Thompson on Monday, October 10 2011 @ 10:01 pm ACDT

As Brett said, it cost us all significant money to cover the IC and some money was paid to us to cover some travel expenses in return for content for the Bigpond AFL site (which we did knowing that it would also take traffic away from our own site).  But we were all significantly out of pocket.

As far as content for our own site it was very much volunteering and like most people at the IC paying to be there, taking leave from our jobs.  We did not seek this compensation out but did agree that it meant we would be able to cover more of the IC if we accepted such a deal otherwise much more would not have been covered, and in the past we have either provided or offered content at no charge to the AFL site to promote the game.

Beleive me, I am adverse to personal self promotion and cringed to see myself mentioned in this article (mainly because I think all those folks mentioned in the article combined to make the show happen, wheras without me it would still go on just as well).  But it is Steve's article and if he want's to include me then that is up to him. 

[ # ]
IC11 Behind the Scenes - Volunteers, Media and more
Authored by: Brett Northey on Monday, October 10 2011 @ 10:26 pm ACDT

Agreed.  We tend to shy away from naming ourselves in such articles, and I hesitated to publish it when I saw it, but Steve tends to be an occasional writer for us and is a well published academic, so in some respects he takes a holistic view, one step removed in perspective, so I allowed it through.

Brett Northey - Co-founder and Chief Editor of WFN
[ # ]
IC11 Behind the Scenes - Volunteers, Media and more
Authored by: Michael Christiansen on Tuesday, October 11 2011 @ 12:59 pm ACDT

Apologies the length -

For IC competitors, the 'footy tourist' in them desperately want's to get to Melbourne, see the 'G, and aspire to playing the GF on the G.  However, obviously, the present structure of the tournament limits that to the Div 1 Mens final.  Will a Docklands Div 2 GF or SCG Womens GF be on the cards??

For the development of players, some teams came out as early as possible - Tonga for example was encamped with the Campbelltown Blues, training and a couple of guys playing, in the lead up to the IC.  This is an important developmental opportunity for teams in such a position.  What this means is - holding a tournament in an international city without a thriving footy comp would make it pretty hard.....could Toronto do it??  (the OAFL).

In Melbourne, it was frustrating often to hear Brett Kirk interviewed in the lead up to the IC.  He'd try to talk up the international elements - only for the drongo interviewers to have stuff all idea, and invariably escape that topic asap.  Little by little, the news though is creeping out.  A nice article by Martin Flanagan on the IC Gala Dinner night.  The international recognition of volunteers on Brownlow night.  International sides in the National U16s champs.

Perhaps though - the best hope would be getting a PNG team into the NEAFL.  This seems to be very much on the horizon.  Suddenly, they'd be a weekly forced recognition of an international dimension to footy.  Would there be any chance of the NEAFL one day running a 'World XVIII' and a South Pacific squad akin to the U16s?  Anyway, until the broader AFL media becomes more aware, it's a hard sell to the general public - most of whom, it must be said, are pretty enthused when made aware. 

I've seen people talk about the prospect of a public holiday for the AFL GF.  I'm not sure that's necessary - but, how about, lobby State Parliament for a Public Holiday when we welcome the world for the kick off of the IC every three years!!!  Okay - I'm 3/4 joking.  But, this event needs to become a nice big multicultural festival. Day 1 in each location become a sea of national dress/dance/food etc. 

Perhaps, we need await solely for the IC debut of Italy and Greece to really get Melbourne excited??

[ # ]
IC11 Behind the Scenes - Volunteers, Media and more
Authored by: Brett Northey on Tuesday, October 11 2011 @ 01:48 pm ACDT

I've often wondered if getting Italy and Greece there would capture a much bigger slice of multicultural news in Melbourne.  It would seem as though the Italian men would be a good chance for IC14.

In terms of AFL media, I honestly don't think they'll have switch on to it.  We point out good articles here and there each time, but in reality that has always been the case.  There are a few guys with personal interest such as Flanagan, but the only way to force wider coverage in Melbourne is when the AFL stage manage events, such as at the Brownlow.  Only if AFL players are playing will the AFL media get truly involved without having to be pushed.

The other angle is if an amateur Australia team (of some form) is entered.  That's why I'm keen on it being explored, as has been discussed many times before.

Brett Northey - Co-founder and Chief Editor of WFN
[ # ]
IC11 Behind the Scenes - Volunteers, Media and more
Authored by: Harley Vague on Tuesday, October 11 2011 @ 03:52 pm ACDT

Media coverage is the ultimate catch 22 - you don't get it when you need it most .

The media focussed on the peace team and the Folau connection(briefly) .They didn't enquire as to whether New Zealand would benefit from the Hawks ,PNG from the QAFL or RSA from investment .Nobody could reply that Great Britain has seen good gains or that Ireland was always in the picture . I don't believe getting Italy or Greece to attend would be big enough for critical mass to occur .

Players want to play at the 'G' or would they prefer playing in front of a large crowd ? IMO the easiest way to force recognition would be to have an "International Round" with games played  at half time at the AFL .They could be seeding games or worth tiebreaker points .As I have said before having games as curtain fallers would be preferrable to curtain raisers to get maximum crowd exposure .  


[ # ]
IC11 Behind the Scenes - Volunteers, Media and more
Authored by: Cam Homes on Tuesday, October 11 2011 @ 09:34 pm ACDT

Who the @#*> is this Urban Cowboy Joker anyway?  What is his claim to fame???  What value did he bring to the IC? Seems like, to some people, he was a liability?

[ # ]
IC11 Behind the Scenes - Volunteers, Media and more
Authored by: Harley Vague on Tuesday, October 11 2011 @ 10:08 pm ACDT

The idea of getting a PNG side into the NEAFL is an obvious step .Just as the NT Thunder was formed to compete in the QAFL and later invited to join the NEAFL it would be great to see the PNG with a team in the QAFL or NEAFL especially since PNG players are already  associated with the QAFL .

[ # ]
IC11 Behind the Scenes - Volunteers, Media and more
Authored by: Brett Northey on Monday, October 10 2011 @ 11:39 am ACDT

fnuckle it seems to me that you set out to be negative but I would suggest you're somewhat misguided.

"WFN were recompensed to attend and cover the cup, which is fine, I just hope you don't include yourselves as volunteers to the cause."  - What's that all about?  WFN have put in a huge VOLUNTEER effort at each of 2005, 2008, 2011 Cups, and only in 2011 did we receive some support from the AFL so that we could help provide articles for their website and scores to their twitter feed.  Whilst appreciated the payment did NOT even cover HALF our travel and accommodation costs, and certainly didn't cover ANY of our time.  So I assume you retract that statement.

"Sorry to be so negative but i'm just being pragmatic...... is there an echo in here?" - An echo?  What's your point?  If you're looking for a response, you have it.

"Royal Park North is a very good venue for the IC. (without the commentary) You only had to move to the left or right to see the scores, we don't need bigger or better scoreboards." - Were you really there?  Overall I really enjoyed Royal Park but the scoreboards were very poor, people were always asking what the score was because no one could see or read them, or they walked onto the field sidelines during the match so they could see them. 

Brett Northey - Co-founder and Chief Editor of WFN
[ # ]
IC11 Behind the Scenes - Volunteers, Media and more
Authored by: fnuckle on Tuesday, October 11 2011 @ 10:14 pm ACDT

WOW, Look at all the fair maidens running to defend WFN's honour! Thanks for your reply Brett Northey but cutting and pasting what I had written is not a response and just further enforced the points I had made.......

I thought it completely fair and appropriate that WFN be recompensed, I never intimated otherwise, for the most part you are fair with your reporting of most stories in international football. I stand behind what I say regarding this because it was a statement of fact.

The IC is in its infancy, it needs a home and it needs Melbourne every 3 years, stop stuffing round with it. This is the only way it will get any legs, consistent product, consistent approach and eventually it becomes an event that is embraced. These things don’t happen by accident or quickly. If you think that moving it around the place like an orphaned child will fix the event you know nothing about building events.

Brett Northey I will give you the benefit of the doubt. This event needs a five year plan (5 event plan) in other words, we will do this and only this over the next five events. So please ask your AFL contacts of their intention for the event for the next five and see if they have anything, I bet they don't. If they do, please let us know because really, being international fans we should have some input into it. (I doubt they would listen)

Your idea about Italy and Greece is a credible one, if only they (head honchos) didn't piss them off with the whole 'we are the AFL" thing, they might have been here this time. The IC would have had some more good stories with those countries.

I love the Peace team story but to be honest it has now become a little passé and contrived. We are kicking it along now squeezing every last drop of story from it. There are new stories to tell I’m sure.

Troy Thomson, being significantly out of pocket goes hand in hand with the promotion of international football. Lets face it this side of the game runs on sheer effort which is put in by everyone, players, officials and media such as yourselves. Don't bleat that you are significantly out of pocket please! We all have an emotional and financial interest and you really have no need to defend yourself.

Cos789, love your point about international round during AFL games and it would work to get the word out that the IC cup is being played in MELBOURNE!

If anything this thread had become more robust because I was honest with you guys. Take it up with the AFL guys because if we continue down this path it will always be an event that is sort of ho hum and will never reach any great heights especially if ONLY the AFL organise it.

And we DON'T need a guy in a cowboy hat to make it more exciting...........

[ # ]
IC11 Behind the Scenes - Volunteers, Media and more
Authored by: Brett Northey on Tuesday, October 11 2011 @ 11:53 pm ACDT

I'm trying to work out if you have any involvement in international footy or are just trolling.

"but cutting and pasting what I had written is not a response" - no it isn't, but answering your comments was.  But sure, pretend otherwise.

"Your idea about Italy and Greece is a credible one, if only they (head honchos) didn't piss them off with the whole 'we are the AFL" thing" - Greece don't even have a team - you're talking crap.  I spoke with the Italian men's side, and they had no problem, but are very new so IC11 was a bit premature for them.

Troy's comment about being out of pocket was pointing out that he volunteers his time.  He wasn't asking for a medal, just clearly countering your suggestion that we aren't volunteers.  A decent person would've apologised for getting it wrong.  At least we know where you stand.

"if anything this thread had become more robust because I was honest with you guys" - Really?  I hadn't noticed but thanks very much.

Anyway, there seems to be two bottom lines here - that you're offended at any suggestion that Melbourne not host the Cup (and your argument seems to be based on building continuity, despite not much progress in penetrating the Melbourne consciousness after 9 years, so great argument) and a desire to take pot shots at WFN.

Tell me, do we know you?  Are you involved with international footy or just a fan from Melbourne dedicated enough to travel up to Sydney?  Don't be shy now, add some credibility by outing yourself.

Brett Northey - Co-founder and Chief Editor of WFN
[ # ]
IC11 Behind the Scenes - Volunteers, Media and more
Authored by: Harley Vague on Wednesday, October 12 2011 @ 01:14 am ACDT

Mr fruckle ,you seem a little confused between cause and effect .

The media go with the stories they want ,not what WFN wants .The IC is only as big as it is because it has been at Melbourne not anywhere else .Melbourne has not progressed because nobody from Melbourne has said "we have this great venue , this great promotion ,this great accomodation deal , this great travel deal or  this great interest"

So what do you suggest is the best way to create a sucessful IC ?  


[ # ]