IC11 Grand Final - Ireland vs PNG

Saturday, August 27 2011 @ 09:51 am ACST

Contributed by: Brett Northey


See also IC11 Men's Div 1 Grand Final - Ireland's Double Glory for match report.

Ireland win their second International Cup!  Final Score Ireland 8.5 (53) to PNG 5.5 (35)

Q4 Finn goals after the siren.

Q4 3 mins to go Ireland lead by 2 goals 7.5 to 5.5.

Q4 Beno two marks in the back line?  Susuve kicks out of bounds on the full shooting for goal. 5 mins to go.

Q4 7 minutes to go. 

Q4 Purcell from Ireland with a great running goal from the  pocket.  Ireland 7.5 to PNG 5.5

Q4 Susuve set shot from 50 for PNG  out on the full.  7 minutes gone.

Q4 Finn goals from 60 with a long kick over the pack.  Ireland 6.5 (41) to PNG 5.5 (35)

Q4 point to Carey for Ireland. Scores level 5.5 all.

3/4 time PNG 5.5 (35) lead Ireland by a point 5.4 (34)


Q3 Ireland score a point off hand.

Q3 Almost half time.  Ireland doing all the attacking. 

Q3 Nannery marks for Ireland 30m out in the pocket, kicks left of goals for one point.  PNG 5.5 to Ireland 5.2 11and a half minutes gone.

Q3 Susuve's kick goes wide for a behind.  McManus at the other end goals for Ireland.  PNG 5.5 Ire 5.0.

Q3 McManus goals for Ireland after free kick in the goal square taken over the shoulder in the marking contest.  PNG 5.4 to Ireland 4.0

Half time PNG 5.4 (34) lead Ireland 3.0 (18)

Q2 Mick Finn marks 30m out and goals again for Ireland.  PNG 5.4 to Ireland 3.0 14 and a half mins gone.

Q2 Mick Finn marks 30m out and goals for Ireland.  PNG 5.4 to Ireland 2.0 13 and a half mins gone.

Q2 PNG Stanis Susuve kicks a great checkside goal from the pocket PNG 5.4 to Ireland 1.0  10 mins 30 gone.

Q2   Pinda kicks to Beno, marks 25m out straight in front.  Beno goals for PNG.  PNG 4.4 to Ireland 1.0.

Q2 Pinda marks 30 out 45 degree angle.  Kick goes to the right  for a behind. PNG 3.4 to Ireland 1.0

Q2 Pirika marks 40m out straight in front but kick goes wide for a point PNG 3.3 to Ireland 1.0


Quarter time PNG 3.2 (20) to Ireland 1.0 (6)

Meli goals for PNG from free kick 45m out, just before siren PNG 3.2 to Ireland 1.0

McManus for McManus goals for Ireland after marking 25m out.  PNG 2.2 to Ireland 1.0

Beno kicks wide for behind PNG 2.2 to Ireland 0.0 15 minutes gone.

Stanis Susuve goals for PNG 2.1 to Ireland 0.0

11 minutes played PNG 1.1 to Ireland 0.0

PNG wearing black armbands for Peter Meli.

PNG tackling fiercely.

Bright sunshine at the MCG.

PNG Ali Pinda kicks first goal PNG 1.1 to Ire 0.0

PNG score fist behind.  PNG 0.1 to Ire 0.0

PNG won the toss and kick to the city end. 


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