Game Day 7 - Canada restore some pride at Japan's expense

Wednesday, August 24 2011 @ 06:40 pm ACST

Contributed by: Troy Thompson

In the last match of AFLIC11 Game Day 7 the luckless Canadians took on the plucky Japanese.  But today it would be good form rather than anything to do with luck that would see Canada home. McAlister Oval in Parkville was in very good condition for fast running football.

Canada got the ball rolling in the first quarter through Heuberger.  It was a tough battle in the first stanza and Japan used their low flat kicking style to good effect, but even so the Canadian backline was able to continually pick the ball off and send it forward again.  After some hard work Kyle Graham eventually gave Canada their second, and 2008 World Team player Scott Fleming added a third on the siren to put Canada 19 points up.  

Ken Sato for Japan moved from centre half back to centre half forward and gave his team a focal point.  He missed a set shot, but teammate Komura was able to add his team’s first goal.  Canada continued to look dangerous into the wind and through persistence were able to goal through Pineda Willis and Graham who kicked his second.  Lussier was again good around the ground for Canada and McDonald used the ball well off the backline.  The Canadians headed into the sheds at half time with a handy 26 point lead.

With the wind picking up a little there was always a chance Canada’s Northwind would blow the Samurais away in the third quarter.  Fleming with three goals and Simnet with two goals for the quarter for Canada pretty much made that so.  The only resistance came from the ever present Ken Sato who kicked Japan’s second and final goal for the match. Sato’s ground coverage was impressive and his marking across half-back was all that prevented a bigger loss.

Despite the use of the breeze Japan appeared spent and were unable to score in the last quarter.  Canada increased their ¾ time lead of 53 points with two goals to Kyle Graham.  The win for Canada restored some pride for them and showed what good football they are capable of playing. 

For both teams will be playing for classification positions when they are back at Royal Park on Friday.
Goal Kickers:
Fleming 4, Graham 3, Simnett 2, Heuberger, Pineda Willis, Cinco
Best Players: not available

Goal kickers:
Sato, Komura
Best Players: not available

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