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Sunday, April 11 2021 @ 01:24 pm ACST

CONFIRMED - Div 1 Playoff schedule for Wednesday 24.8

International Cup 2011

With the emphatic victory of the USA Revolution over South Africa today, the draw for the semi-finals of Division 1 has been confirmed by the AFL, and might change. A full run down of the draw for Wednesday will be available shortly.

Playing off for a spot in the Division 1 Grand Final will be Ireland vs New Zealand and Papua New Guinea vs USA. With the NZ Hawks battling to get over Canada and the USA's strong display over South Africa, neither game looks easy to tip at this point, and all four sides will have their sights set firmly on a chance to battle it out at the MCG next weekend. The losers of those two games will play off for 3rd on Friday at Royal Park.

Also playing for a shot at 5th will be Great Britain vs South Africa and Denmark vs Nauru. The winners of those two games will meet on Friday to play off for 5th, the losers for 7th.

Finally, the last two playoffs see Canada vs Japan and Sweden vs Tonga, to determine who shoots for 9th and who for 11th.

The Men's Division 2 and Women's schedules remain as previous - these divisions having one more round of pool matches on Wednesday before their single round of playoffs on Friday.

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CONFIRMED - Div 1 Playoff schedule for Wednesday 24.8 | 5 comments | Create New Account
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UNCONFIRMED - Div 1 Playoff schedule for Wednesday 24.8
Authored by: Brett Northey on Sunday, August 21 2011 @ 04:01 pm ACST

I still think PNG and Ireland are the top 2, with NZ not far behind, so pleasing to see that PNG vs Ireland is still on the cards for the final.  If instead it's NZ vs PNG then that's a repeat of the last 2 International Cup grand finals.

A trademark of the US sides has generally been a massive commitment, so PNG will know they've been in a fight.

Most of those other finals are quite intriguing too.  Should be a wonderful Wednesday.  Apparently 21 deg in Melb today, forecast is sunny up to and including Wednesday.  Hopefully good weather.

Brett Northey - Co-founder and Chief Editor of WFN
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UNCONFIRMED - Div 1 Playoff schedule for Wednesday 24.8
Authored by: sverik25 on Sunday, August 21 2011 @ 04:15 pm ACST

Just wondering what you guys think will happen in the Sweden vs Tonga match.

I'm also interested to hear your thoughts on who will win Division Two.

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UNCONFIRMED - Div 1 Playoff schedule for Wednesday 24.8
Authored by: Aaron Richard on Sunday, August 21 2011 @ 04:22 pm ACST

Div 2 final will almost certainly be Fiji vs France, should be a good game though I'm tipping Fiji to be stronger on the day. Great result for both sides either way though. Tonga vs Sweden tough to call, Tonga very athletic but Sweden have improved since 2008. I'm tipping Tonga.

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Celebrating Footy\'s Diversity
Authored by: sreid on Monday, August 22 2011 @ 09:27 am ACST

This being my Fourth International Cup I guess I shouldn't get surprised but its a constant joy to see just how differently the various teams adapt our game, and how much improvement there is every 3 years.

Watching NZ v Canada was a revelation especially to see how much Canada had improved,  They played a style that ensured really strong contests and it was probably just a little bit of fitness and composure that saw Canada fail to pull off the upset, but they played a very competitive style with waves of numbers hard at the ball and that really upset New Zealand's usual structure.  Perhaps they have recruited a few Ice Hockey players in the way they went forward.  So that was a great contest and it was fantastic to see Canada really attack the NZ structure.

We then arrived for the last bit of France v India and its fantastic to see how well France have picked up footy and their ability to kick big scores has been terrific.  Unlike some of the other European teams they are more free flowing, less structured with several players with real pace.  I cant wait to see them against Fiji.

Next we went over to see PNG play Nauru.  Last year this game was a real highlight of the tournament with the Nauruans uncompromising, hard hitting, straight ahead style taking it right up to the PNG boys, but Nauru also had several players who kicked the ball beautifully and were strong overhead. 

The Nauruans really enjoy the big hits, long kicks, high marks and running goals and we hoped to see that passionate display again.  As it turned out PNG were firing early and that took a bit of the sting out of the game, and pretty much the game as a contest was over by Quarter time.  Nonetheless the Nauruan style was there and the PNG boys ran hard in strong numbers showing their great teamwork in the first half.  The match probably lacked the vigour of last time but was still a great display of pacific footy.  PNG really play the game with a joy and freedom that modern AFL footy can lack.

Following this we saw Ireland take on Denmark.  Given the two teams involved we expected to see a typical European style game which tend to lack the run and flow of the modern game of AFL, but which throw up strong individual clashes, spirited attacks on the ball and the occassional 70's style highlight.  Denmark had all those european hallmarks and attacked the contest, but Ireland this time around have several players much smarter with the ball, obviously having played footy at a higher level and so they were able to move the ball to advantage quickly, and score some well worked goals.  In the past they have played a game reminiscent of gaelic, running in waves, short kicks and agile ball movement but this time they can change up to kick longer and play a style that is more AFL than GAA.  Watch out everyone else.

The fun continues Wednesday with the opportunity to see all the diversity in the world at Royal Park.  Im bringing my kids down to see the AFL International Cup again and help them to understand a little more about the world and to celebrate all its differences. 

What a fantastic thing to be able to do that at a footy ground instead of a museum!!!



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Celebrating Footy\'s Diversity
Authored by: Brett Northey on Monday, August 22 2011 @ 12:04 pm ACST

Beautifully written Scott.  Wish we'd written that!

It's the kind of bigger picture article we don't get to write so much because we're frantically doing a game by game review with so many teams now.

Can't wait to see the finals action, hope I get a chance to sit back for a minute and actually enjoy the contest, the different styles and the culture.

Brett Northey - Co-founder and Chief Editor of WFN
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