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Sunday, April 11 2021 @ 02:26 pm ACST

Game Day 5 - Fiji vs Timor Leste, Div 2 champs on display?

International Cup 2011

Today’s game between Fiji and Timor Leste  was a Division 2 mismatch.  The highly favoured Fiji were very close to making Division 1 last weekend, and showed their abilities tonight against the undermanned Timor Leste team winning by a massive 135 points at BISS Oval 2.

Although there was some moisture around from recent heavy rains conditions were much more favourable than the last round and allowed Fiji to shine.  The Tribe set the scene with a goal in the first minute and another a minute later.  Timor Leste tried to slow the game down but to no avail, as Fiji finished with 8.1 for the quarter and Tiimor Leste unable to score.

Timor Leste tightend up their structure down back in the second quarter and putting extra men behind the ball, they read the ball coming in quite well and were able to shut Fiji down with extra pressure. 

Carlos was the standout star for Timor Leste and he had an opportunity to kick a goal from a free kick, and was awarded a 25m penalty on top of that, his kick sailed to the line and Julianto Pinto Quinao managed to kick the ball off the ground for East Timor’s first goal of the game, to the delight of the team’s fans on the boundary.  Fiji still added another three goals for the quarter through a mixture of raw pace and skill.

Timor-Leste would not score again for the match and Fiji added four goals in each of the last two quarters as players like Nuvuso, Magiti, Bolenaivalu, Niuevelu and Pauli racked up a huge number of possessions as they continually attacked the goal.  To Timor Leste’s credit they battled it out to the end.

After the final siren both teams came together and embraced in a celebration of football despite the enourmous hiding Fiji had handed out.

Timor Leste now look forward to playing India and trying to score their elusive first ever International Cup win, and Fiji move on towards becoming Division 2 champions, seemingly with France the only likely roadblock.

Final Score    Fiji 21.16 (142) defeated Timor Leste 1.1 (7)

Goal Kickers:
Pauli 3, Nivelu 3, Magitidausiga 4, L Rakacikaci 1, Salomon 1, Salavou 2, Saqanamua 2, Torovugalei 2, M Wolfgramm 3, Vasukilagi
Best Players: A. Navuso, Magiti, Bolenaivalu, Niuvelu, Pauli,  S. Navuso.

Goal kickers:
Pinto Quinao
Best Players: da Silva Amaral, Britto, Da Costa, Pires, Pereira, Amaral


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