Game Day 3 - Peace no threat to Fiji, South Africans flex muscle against Japan

Friday, August 19 2011 @ 09:23 pm ACST

Contributed by: Brett Northey

Wednesday 17th August saw two games in Sydney's west at Auburn - not as far out as Blacktown, home of the GWS Giants, but still well away from the CBD.  These are the final reports from Game Day 3, and with Game Day 4 squared away tomorrow it's on to the final group of matches in Sydney - Game Days 5 (Saturday) and 6 (Sunday).  These reports thanks to Kym Kovan.

Fiji Tribe vs Peace Team

The first match at 12pm was a Division Two game with one of the favourites Fiji up against the inspirational and improved Peace Team.  That was followed at 2pm by top four fancy South Africa against Japan who were brave in scraping into Division One but most likely out of their depth thereafter.

It was off to Mona Ovals, Auburn. Home of the Auburn District Cricket Club and straight from the English countryside, complete with white picket fences. An ideal venue for Footy. Unfortunately it also had the English weather, it rained, then it drizzled and then it rained again. But on the ground it was anything but "traditional" English, a truly multicultural space.


Fiji playing the Peace Team, to the accompaniment of a drumming squad from a local high school, you certainly knew if a goal was scored! The Peace Team started well but the leaner, faster Fijians handled the appalling conditions better and steadily drew away throughout the entire game.

It was multicultural mayhem with drum beating incessant throughout the day, warming the spirits of the crowd in chilly conditions.

Ultimately the Fijians won by 65 points, but considering their continual attack on goal, could easily have won by 100 plus.

Final score:  Fiji 11.19 (85) defeated Peace Team 3.2 (20)

Goal Kickers:
B. Turagabeci 2, F. Stolz 2, D. Wolfgramm , A. Lewanavanua , P. Bilitaki , S. Magitidausiga
Best Players: A. Navuso, D. Wolfgramm, L. Bolenaivalu, B. Turagabeci, A. Lewanavanua, F. Stolz

Peace Team
Goal Kickers: N. Vromen 2, A. Benvenisty
Best Players: A. Benvenisty, Y. Belik, A. Afu Mohamed Abu Haduan, K. Kol, N. Vromen, T. Hari Goldberg


South Africa Lions vs Japan Samurai

A break between games and the rain stopped, and promptly started again as soon as the Japanese Samurai's started against the South African Lions.

A slow start but the Lions scraped a couple of behinds to start the scoreboard turning over and their greater power and physical weight started making the task very hard for Japan.  But the Asian side adapted to the wet, slippery conditions quicker and used their speed and lightness to great affect in defence and then got the ball to their forward line a few times but to no avail on the scoreboard. Could there be upset brewing?  But no, the Lions then got their act into top gear, as well as they could in the rain, and steadily pulled away in the next three quarters despite Japan's best efforts to stop them.

Two games in conditions which which would have tested hardened professionals, wind and rain in abundance. Conditions which did not help any side to use their talents to the best, many "skill errors" were down to the weather, not the players.

Perhaps Bayanda Sobetwa's time with Avondale heights in Victoria this year stood him in good stead, as he clearly handled conditions better, best on ground for South Africa and booting 4 goals.  Avondale Heights team mate Dylan Wolfgramm also featured amongst the best for his country, Fiji, in the earlier match.

Final score:  South Africa 14.9 (93) defeated Japan 1.3 (9)

South Africa
Goal Kickers:
B. Sobetwa 4, S. Matshane 2, W. Jonker , K. Sikiti , Z. Mitiwetafa , M. Hlomela , S. Gamakulu , K. Marokoane , B. Motuba
Best Players:
B. Sobetwa, T. Mogapi, W. Jonker, Z. Mitiwetafa, T. Moagi, K. Sikiti

Goal Kickers: H. Ichinose
Best Players: Y. Kuno, H. Ono, M. Sakaki, K. Sato, T. Kase, H. Ichinose

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