IC08 Flashback - International football's most controversial moment

Tuesday, August 09 2011 @ 07:48 am ACST

Contributed by: Brett Northey

With just a few days to go before IC11 we thought we'd flashback to the most controversial moment in International Cup history.

South Africa, regarded by some as the AFL's favoured nation, trailed Ireland by 5 points in the playoff for 3rd, with just seconds to go in the match. A controversial free kick was paid but the South African was almost certainly too far out to score the needed goal. The siren sounded and he was forced to kick to win the match... as he ran in... well there are 2 versions. The Irish say he ran around the mark, thus play on, game over. The umpire said the Irishman on the mark moved over the mark first, thus a 25 metre penalty. The result was a shot at goal from much closer in, a straight kick and joy for the Africans and bitter anger for Ireland.

The AFL released video of the incident which they said supported the umpires decision. This author saw it live at the ground and first instinct was umpire error. Watching the video many times I felt it was just too difficult to really know one way or the other.

Is this now the greatest rivalry in international footy? Will the two nations cross paths again in 2011?

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