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NAB AFL U16 Champs Div 2 Round 2 results - Sun 10th July

General News

As reported previously, in a first for the championships, both the World XVIII and South Pacific teams won today. The results highlight the talent opportunity outside Australia.

South Pacific 11.13 79 defeated Tasmania 10.17 77

South Pacific: Beno (PNG) 5, Alphonse (PNG) 2, Tatupu (NZ) 2, Joel (Solomons), Stegman (PNG)
Tasmania: Wiggins 4, Boscott 2, Webster 2, Sergeant, Visser

South Pacific: Simon (PNG), Heatherley (NZ), Beno (PNG), Gavuri (PNG), Joel (Solomons), Logo (PNG)
Tasmania: Sergeant, Boscott, Johnston, Webster, K.Kolodjashnij

World XVIII 13.11 89 defeated Northern Territory 11.7 73

World XVIII: Masaki (Japan/VIC) 2, Gamakhulu (South Africa) 2, Jalloh (Sierra Leone/NSW-ACT) 2, Saad (Lebanon/VIC) 2, Aneet (Sudan/VIC), Majok (Sudan/TAS), Lual (Sudan/SA), Selman (?), Aliir (Sudan/NSW)
Northern Territory: Richardson 2, Sedan 2, Wasley-Black, McGarvie, McDonald, Pollard, McAuliffe, Simpson, Darcy

World XVIII: Saad (Lebanon/VIC), Aneet (Sudan/VIC), Masaki (Japan/VIC), Abdallah (Lebanon/VIC), Peni (Samoa/VIC), Gamakhulu (South Africa)
Northern Territory: Ankers, Seden, Pekham, Rioli, Pollard, Fuller

Queensland 14.7 91 defeated NSW/ACT 8.20 68

Queensland: Bourke 8, Mills 2, Selman, Pendlebury, Gribble, Hay
NSW/ACT: Bond 2, Steele, Wall, Gibbons, Delves, Damme, Clothier

Queensland: Radford, Rokeby Southern, Bourke, Rutledge, Pendlebury
NSW/ACT: Keogh, Perris, Gibbons, Clothier, Clyne, Ryan

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