PNG Women’s IC11 Team Announced

Friday, June 17 2011 @ 01:18 pm ACST

Contributed by: Tobietta Rhyman

Finally the news the women’s football world has been waiting for - the announcement of the PNG 2011 International Cup Women’s Team! After watching the men’s team win IC08, one can only wonder at the talent these girls are going to display. Will they prove to be as formidable as the men, or can the experience of Ireland, USA and Canada keep them in check. We’ll just have to wait and see!

Read on for the team list and to see some pics of the girls at the trials.


No Name Surname Region
1 Lelian Barnabas Southern
2 Maureen Bauwase Southern
3 Sylvia Kotapu Southern
4 Ossila Bulla Southern
5 Bianca Avia Southern
6 Nomi Alopa Southern
7 Shirley Philipus Southern
8 Desmonoa Alua Southern
9 Stephanie Avel Southern
10 Prudence Sindrewn Southern
11 Helen Jared Southern
12 Tiva Lavai Southern
13 Joycelin Sezzo Southern
14 Sylvia Emeck Southern
15 Grace Roimb Highlands
16 Kimberly Olik Highlands
17 Leonie Ongke Highlands
18 Catherine Ken Highlands
19 Michael Wandaki Highlands
20 Stella Rex Highlands
21 Samenta Nalong Northern
22 Vera Harold Northern
23 Allang Issack Northern
24 Vennisa Pissep Northern
25 Madella Kataro Northern
26 Joyce Meta Northern
27 Salom Harold Northern
28 Stephanie Kataro Northern
29 Mellisha Kaniku Islands
30 Isalyn Modakewau   Islands
31 Anntheresa   Baupua Islands
32 Vulla Wartova Islands

Northern trials

Northern trials

Southern trials

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