Folau, Michael not eligible for IC11

Thursday, June 16 2011 @ 06:21 pm ACST

Contributed by: Troy Thompson

The AFL has confirmed to that two high profile footballers will not be eligible to appear at the International Cup in 2011. While it would be good publicity to have them in the International Cup the AFL feels exemptions for these players would not be fair to opposition countries.

Israel Folau's development with GWS continues in a positive direction as he has been kicking goals for the club recently in a move to the forward line, but he will not be eligible for Tonga (he is of Tongan descent but born and raised in NSW and Queensland).

Three time AFL premiership player, veteran Mal Michael, was reported last week to have dominated the ruck for Aberfeldie Park in the EDFL. He was born in PNG but mostly raised in Australia. Mal has closely followed the PNG Mosquitoes but also does not fit the International Cup criteria, as specified below.
8.2 Eligibility

(a) A Player is eligible for selection by a League if:

(i) the Player was predominantly resident in the country of the League between 10 and 16 years of age, subject to the qualification in sub-clause 8.2(b); This does not apply for the women’s division for the 2011 International Cup (sub clauses 8.2 (a) & (b) do still apply)

(ii) the Player is a citizen of the country of the League at the time when the Competition is conducted, subject to the qualification in sub-clause 8.2(b); and

(iii) the Player is not under suspension in that Player’s local competition during the period of the Competition.

(iv) The player is included in the squad provided under Regulation 8.1.

(b) The AFL may, on a case by case basis, waive the eligibility requirements contained in sub-clause 8.2(a) and (b) if it is satisfied that a Player is a bona fide resident in the country of the League and his participation would be in the best interests of the Competition. Submissions in this regard must be made by lodging the Player Eligibility form attached as Appendix II before the commencement of the Competition.

8.3 Final Team Selection

(a) Each team shall provide to the Competition Manager a final list of players no later than the commencement time of the Team Managers meeting preceding the event.

(b) A player not listed in the squad provided in accordance with Regulation 8.1 shall be ineligible to participate.

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