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South Pacific U16 squad for NAB AFL Nationals


One of the big surprises of season 2010 was the inclusion of not just one, but two International squads in the NAB AFL Under 16 National Championships. With the 2011 tournament a month away (beginning in Sydney on July 10), it’s been good to see that both squads will have a 2011 incarnation. Whilst the World XVIII squad is still to be finalised; below is the recently released South Pacific list.

AFL Asia Pacific Development Manager Andrew Cadzow describes the formation of the squad, “After holding two Oceania Cups of which the standard of the second in Tonga had improved vastly, we are confident that the South Pacific Squad will be a better team than last year's very successful first attempt. More Countries involved; improved programs and more games of footy augers well. With 11 players returning from last year, we are well balanced with 15 top age (18s) and 14 younger (16/17) making up the squad.”

The South Pacific defeated the World XVIII last time and pushed Queensland to 15 points, so will be looking for an Australian scalp this time around. While the squad is dominated by PNG players, there are also representatives from NZ, Tonga, Fiji, Nauru, Samoa and the Solomon Islands. The full squad is listed below.

1Donatello MosesNauru23/07/1993
2Joses LawrencePNG3/06/1993
3Samiuela TuitupouNew Zealand16/07/1993
4Anthony JoelSolomon Islands   17/03/1993
5Wilisoni VesikaraFiji8/07/1994
6Jeffrey PauliFiji24/06/1993
7Theo GavuriPNG22/02/1994
8Brendan BenoPNG10/08/1994
9Gideon SimonPNG30/10/1994
10Ezra KautuPNG1/08/1994
11Nathan MalbakPNG12/12/1994
12Gilmour LawrencePNG3/06/1993
13Herman SenioloSamoa30/07/1993
14Aviata SiutaSamoa10/04/1993
15Lawrie LogoPNG1993
16Kurt HeatherleyNew Zealand1/01/1995
17Charlton BrownNew Zealand16/07/1994
18Rhys Panui LeithNew Zealand7/08/1994
19Brandon SucuNew Zealand17/12/1993
20Slim CollinsPNG25/12/1993
21Major AlphonsePNG27/05/1994
22Larry NaoPNG27/10/1993
23Kafoa TauafeTonga1993
24Sione Tupou Tonga25/05/1994
25Jimzan Yoshi Harris   Nauru20/02/1994
26Heneli FisiitaliaTonga2/07/1993
27Shem TatupuNew Zealand30/11/1995
28Ezra GotunoPNG21/10/1994
29Richard StegmanPNG14/05/1993

Emergencies (in no order):

Max LavaiPNG16/09/1994
Jason So-ong   PNG10/08/1994
Jeconiah PeniPNG
Ben FisherNew Zealand