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Friday, April 19 2019 @ 12:43 am ACST

SA, Victoria and WA name their teams for the 2011 AFL Women’s National Championships

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Following Queensland, the other three Division 1 teams- South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia- have all named their teams for the 2011 Women’s National Championships which will take place in Adelaide from June 7th to 11th. The Grand Finals will take place at Gliderol Stadium, Glenelg, on the 11th.

South Australia

Coach: Steve Baxter
Assistant Coaches: Stephen Symonds, Narelle Smith and Tim Stewart

Courtney Cramey (c)
Michele Reid (vc)
Cassie Hartley (vc)
Naomi Maidment
Kristy Rudd
Tess Baxter
Jacinta McKenzie
Tahlia Barrett
Angela Moritz
Deni Varnhagen
Danielle Goding
Eliza Oates
Brittany Perry
Caitlin Swanson
Kirsty Degabriele
Melissa Wilson
Lea Fry
Brooke Copeland
Danielle Cresp
Sarah Masiero
Tiff Lee
Tammy Scott
Teena Leicester
Kim Carter
Leah Tynan
Kylie Guarino


Coach: Peta Searle
Assistant Coach: Vinnie T
Team Manager: Tina Macumber

Daisy Pearce (Darebin)
Anna Schwager (Darebin)
Shevaun Hogan (Darebin)
Alisha Habib (Darebin)
Aasta O'Connor (Darebin)
Samantha Smith (Darebin)
Lauren Arnell (Darebin)
Natalie Wood (Darebin)
Katie Loynes (Berwick)
Melissa Hickey (VU St Albans)
Kara Donnellan (VU St Albans)
Shannon McFerran (VU St Albans)
Amy Catterall (VU St Albans)
Ashleigh Guest (VU St Albans)
Karen Paxman (VU St Albans)
Bree White (VU St Albans)
Stacey Cross (Diamond Creek)
Steph Chiocci (Diamond Creek)
Dianna Haines (Diamond Creek)
Melissa Douglas (Diamond Creek)
Lou Wotton (East Burwood)
Meg Downie (East Burwood)
Meg Hutchins (East Burwood)
Penny Cula-Reid (St Kilda City)
Phoebe McWilliams (St Kilda City)

Emergencies: Danni Teasdale (VU St Albans) and Mel Kuys (Scoresby)

Western Australia

Kim Saligari (Claremont Piranhas)
Rachel Paterson (Claremont Piranhas)
Amy Cotterell (Coastal Titans)
Brook Whyte (Coastal Titans)
Dana Hooker (Coastal Titans)
Elly Lambkin (Coastal Titans)
Jodie White (Coastal Titans)
Leah Mascall (Coastal Titans)
Martine Pearman (Coastal Titans)
Sarah Noga (Coastal Titans)
Contessa Finlay (East Fremantle Sharks)
Helen Florence (East Fremantle Sharks)
Kareen Blachford (East Fremantle Sharks)
Kat Harris (East Fremantle Sharks)
Kirby Bentley (East Fremantle Sharks)
Leah Kaslar (East Fremantle Sharks)
Tara Avery (East Fremantle Sharks)
Tiah Haynes (East Fremantle Sharks)
Tammy Tickel (Joondalup Falcons)
Ashlea Renshaw (Joondalup Falcons)
Levi McCulloch (Peel Thunderbirds)
Chae Salbie (South Fremantle Bulldogs)
Kiara Bowers (Southern River)
Melissa Caulfield (Southern River)
Angela Doyle (Swan Districts)
Ashlee Atkins (Swan Districts)
Chelsea Randall (Swan Districts)
Fiona Boucher (Swan Districts)
Jacinda Barclay (Swan Districts)
Kelley Barnett (Swan Districts)
Lauren Austin (Swan Districts)
Lauren Osborne (Swan Districts)
Nic Ayres (Swan Districts)
Rheanne Lugg (Swan Districts)
Rikki Ryder (Swan Districts)
Sophie Millington (Swan Districts)

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