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Thursday, January 28 2021 @ 10:34 am ACDT

South Pacific and World XVIII final squads announced

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The final squads for the South Pacific and World XVIII teams at this year's AFL National under 16s Championships have been released, with representatives from PNG, New Zealand, Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, Nauru, South Africa, USA, Canada, England, Argentina, China and Denmark to take the field, along with a number of players picked from recent African, Middle Eastern and Asian migrants to Australia.

The World XVII will be coached by former Sydney Swan Michael O'Loughlin, whilst the South Pacific will be coached by NZ-born former AFL star Trent Croad, pictured at left with their respective team captains.

The event will mark the first time ever that teams drawn primarily of international players will take on the best young talent in Australia, the previous closest being PNG's appearance at the Teal Cup in the 1970s.



PlayersName Nation/
Number(Name/Surname)D.O.B.Ht. (cm)Wt. (kg)Local Club
1.Ben Gela5.2.9318383PNG (Islands)
2.Clyde Pulah6.4.9217978PNG (Southern)
3. Lawrie Logo4.9.9217878PNG (Southern)
4. John Ikupu20.9.9218889PNG (Highlands)
5. Larry Nao27.10.9317775PNG (Southern)
6. Greg Aki27.9.9218078PNG (Highlands)
7. Slim Collins2.12.9318576PNG (Southern)
8. Wingti Pena14.8.9216980PNG (Southern)
9. Brodie Cleave27.9.9418186New Zealand (St Peters)
10.Liam Ackland1.8.9217870New Zealand
11.Vandyn Harman15.11.93 16566New Zealand (Alfriston)
12.Samiuela Tuitupou16.7.9316970New Zealand (Papatoetoetoe)
13.Rhys Panui-Leth7.8.9418876New Zealand (Mahurangi)
14.Peni Mahini17.1.9218584.1Tonga
15.Kafoa Tuaefe6.4.93182.577Tonga
16.Simote Taunga5.3.9219080.4Tonga
17.Taniela Kilioni22.2.93181.580.9Tonga
18.Herman Tanuvasa 30.7.9317074Samoa
19.Aviata Siuta10.4.9317980Samoa
20.Tomwell Raidinen9.1.9316257.9Nauru
21.Yoshi Harris20.2.9418286.7Nauru (Boe District)
22.Donatello Moses23.7.9316458Nauru (Aiwo District)
23.Rueben Olssen24.3.9417469.5Nauru (Anabar District)
24.Dylan Wolfgramm18.11.9217269Fiji
25.Soloman Loki 1.12.9218172Fiji
26.Freddy Una-Felix8.11.9218285Solomon Islands
27.Buddy Detageowa19.12.9317761.5Nauru (Baitsi District)
28.Ben Fisher10.9.9418973New Zealand (Lynfield)

Coach: Trent Croad / David Lake
Manager: Jim Lucy


PlayersName Nation/State
Number(Name/Surname)D.O.B.Ht. (cm)Wt. (kg)Local Club/Origin
1.Tumi Keitumetse18th Dec 9417058Johannesburg, South Africa
2.Sporo Dlamini10th Jan 92 17070Tembisa, South Africa
3.Snera Boki9th Dec, 9117273Cape Town, South Africa
4.Emmanuel Irra25th Mar, 9417467South Adelaide, SA/Uganda
5.Peter Ajang1st Jan, 9317579WA/Kenya
6.Mathias Biron7th June, 9218073Denmark
7.Prince Nematswerani5th Mar, 9218274Johannesburg, South Africa
8.Chris Franzen14th Sept, 9117882Milwaukee, USA
9.Kane Clark23rd Oct, 9217274NSW/Lebanon
10.John Cubahiro17th Feb, 9518075QLD/West Africa
11.Garang Lual15th Jan, 9518373South Adelaide, SA/Sudan
12.Bilal Taha17th Oct, 9418171NSW/Lebanon
13.Reuben Riak15th Nov, 9218074WA/Sudan
14.Mohammed Alebrahimi3rd Mar, 94 17594Victoria/Iraq
15.Aliir Aliir5th Aug, 9418974Queensland / Sudan
16.Alex McPhee8th Dec, 9318684Portland, USA
17.Andrew Roosdahl7th Nov, 93 18578.5Vancouver, Canada
18.Komang Sujaya6th Aug, 9318680Victoria/Indonesia
19.Jono Elliot27th Jul, 9218085Etobicoke, Canada
20.Clayton Lund24th Nov 9118779Vancouver, Canada
21.Lewis Brackstone19th Nov, 9219078West London, England
22.Riyad Karacic12th April, 9219171Etobicoke, Canada
23.Sean O’Kennedy9th Mar, 9118873Midwest Magpies, Ireland
24.Mella Opiew12th Sept, 9219278Victoria/Sudan
25.Joseph Lo Buluk9th Jul, 9420175WA/Sudan
26.Cristopher Daniele 10th Dec, 9217470Buenos Aires, Argentina
27.Zhong Chenghao18th Mar, 9118876Shanghai, China
28.Yanga Gqodo 13th Oct, 9317465Kayelitsha, South Africa
29.Shao Lei27th Jul, 9018270Shanghai, China
30.Lucas Devincenzi13th Mar, 9118494Buenos Aires, Argentina

Coach: Michael O’Loughlin
Manager: Nick Hatzoglou

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