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American Footy Star launch video

  • Monday, May 10 2010 @ 10:15 am ACST
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North America The launch party for American Footy Star took place on Saturday at the residence of the Australian Consul General in Brentwood, California. Interviews with various attendees can be viewed online. We have included interviews with the creator and producer Miro Gladovic, host Cameron Daddo and producer Amit Handa below.

The pilot and footy guide that has been produced so far comes from Gladovic's original idea for a movie with the working title of "Hometown Blues" about a young American who heads to Australia to become an American footy star. In the process of getting this movie made the idea to put together a reality TV show to detail the talent camps and find a young American came together. The TV series will be used to try to obtain the interest and financing to get his film made.