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2009 Asian Championships - Full Results


The Asian Championships played in Kuala Lumpur on 5th September, 2009 were immensely successful in terms of participation with 10 Senior teams, 3 Under 18 Teams, Auskick and over 400 players, seniors and juniors participating. After a day of intense competition, last year's winners Dubai (UAE) Heat and Jakarta Bulldogs both managed a repeat triumph in the Senior and Junior competitions.


Results of all matches played are shown below


Dubai Heat40
Hong Kong Dragons31
Malaysian Warriors13
Jakarta Bintangs13
Thailand Tigers13


Dubai Heat 6.1 (37) d Jakarta Bintangs 2.0 (12)
Hong Kong Dragons 5.2 (32) d Thailand Tigers 1.2 (8)
Malaysian Warriors 3.3 (21) lost to Dubai Heat 5.4 (34)
Jakarta Bintangs 1.1 (7) lost to Hong Kong Dragons 4.5 (29)
Thailand Tigers 6.2 (38) d Malaysian Warriors 3.2 (20)
Dubai Heat 4.4 (28) d Hong Kong Dragons 1.0 (6)
Jakarta Bintangs 4.2 (26) lost to Malaysian Warriors 5.1 (31)
Thailand Tigers 1.1 (7) lost to Dubai Heat 6.4 (40)
Hong Kong Dragons 5.5 (33) d Malaysian Warriors 3.1 (19)
Jakarta Bintangs 6.1(37) d Thailand Tigers 4.3 (27)

Singapore Wombats40
Bali Geckos31
China Reds22
Lao Elephants13
Vietnam Swans04


Singapore Wombats 5.4 (34) d Laos Elephants 0.0 (0)
Bali Geckos 3.5 (23) d China Reds 3.3 (21)
Vietnam Swans 4.4 (28) lost to Singapore Wombats 6.5 (41)
Laos Elephants 1.3 (9) lost to Bali Geckos 6.3 (39)
China Reds 6.7 (43) d Vietnam Swans 0.2 (2)
Singapore Wombats 4.5 (29) d Bali Geckos 2.2 (14)
Laos Elephants 3.4 (22) d Vietnam Swans 0.2 (2)
China Reds 2.2 (14) lost to Singapore Wombats 3.5 (23)
Laos Elephants 2.5 (17) lost to China Reds 4.3 (27)
Bali Geckos 10.2 (62) d Vietnam Swans 1.1 (7)


Semi Finals

Dubai Heat 9.5 (59) d Bali Geckos 2.1 (13)
Singapore Wombats 7.1 (43) d Hong Kong 0.8 (8)

Grand Final

Dubai Heat 6.7 (43) d Singapore 3.3 (21)


Jakarta Bulldogs20
Malaysian Warriors 111
Malaysian Warriors 202

Malaysian Warriors 1 6.5 (41) d Malaysian Warriors 2 0.1 (1)
Jakarta 8.6 (54) d Malaysian Warriors 1 1.1 (7)
Malaysian Warriors 2 0.0 (0) lost to Jakarta 6.5 (41)

U/18 Final

Jakarta Bulldogs 9.5 (59) d Malaysian Warriors 1 0.1 (1)

In addition to the football, an innovation this year was the introduction of a 100m Sprint, the event being held during the lunch break. In the great tradition of the AFL Grand Final Sprint, each team provided one player, and the Senior Sprint was won by Nathan Flax of Bali Geckos, with the Junior Sprint won by Ashraf of Malaysian Warriors.

At the conclusion of the Championships the best 20 players were named as the Asian Lions, the Asian all-star team. The players named were:-

Player of the Tournament - Damien Hoo (Thailand Tigers)

Seniors Player of the Final - Andrew Bereza (Dubai Heat)

U18's Player of the Final - Lewis White (Jakarta Bulldogs)


Damien HooThailand Tigers
Nick HartDubai Heat
Brent CowellMalaysian Warriors
Henry FennerLaos Elephants
Drew FranklinVietnam Swans
Dwight StuchburyHong Kong Dragons
Craig PopeSingapore Wombats
Stuart DoddsDubai Heat
Grant BellChina Reds
Matthew ChilcottBali Geckos
Chris SanderfordHong Kong Dragons
Sam TroonDubai Heat
Shane JohnsonBali Geckos
Joshua RyderHong Kong Dragons
Peter MuirBali Geckos
Scott McDonoughMalaysian Warriors
Damien SmithJakarta Bintangs
Dion CopeMalaysian Warriors
Mark PartheziusBali Geckos
Alan SutherlandThailand Tigers
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2009 Asian Championships - Full Results | 3 comments | Create New Account
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2009 Asian Championships - Full Results
Authored by: Benjamin Hamon on Thursday, September 10 2009 @ 09:44 pm ACST

Just a question...there is no locals in the All-Star Squad ?

I do not know much about the Asian championship, but I have the feeling that there are very few local, am I right?

2009 Asian Championships - Full Results
Authored by: Graeme Carey on Friday, September 11 2009 @ 11:37 am ACST
Correct, at senior level there are relatively few locals, and most of those learnt the game whilst students or working in Australia. At junior level nearly all are locals. Up until very recently it was only the Jakarta Bintangs who paid attention to attempting to develop the game locally. That has changed to some extent over the last few years such that a junior championship has been played at the Asian Championships in 2008 and 2009. There is still a very long way to go but the first steps have been taken.

if you look at www.markstennett.com photos of the recently concluded championships and click on U/18s you will see what I mean
2009 Asian Championships - Full Results
Authored by: Aaron Richard on Friday, September 11 2009 @ 04:32 pm ACST

GC, what do you reckon the chances are of it becoming more like the US Nationals in future, in that there could eventually be a limit for Aussies in the sides? Or possibly a handicap system something like the EU Cup?

I don't know what the Asian clubs want to make the focus of the tournament, at the moment obviously a big part of it is the social aspect for the expat Australians, and that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

But for example, you have the ability to field a full side of Chinese nationals, but few would travel to the Champs with the China Reds. There's an even longer history of locals playing in Japan, yet the side at the Champs is mainly from the Tokyo Goannas expat club, whereas the Japanese nationals tour to Australia.

Are there plans to aim for more local content at a senior level?

It is of course great that the Warriors and Jakarta Bulldogs have done a good job of getting local school kids playing. Also with the history of the West Java AFL, the creation of AFL Indonesia and Chris Bandy's development work hopefully you would see more Indonesians playing in future.