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First French International Rules season winds up

International Rules

The first ever season of International Rules games in France is over. This year has seen five IR games being played on French soil.

The main event of the past few months was the inaugural Paris International Rules Cup (PIRC), where the Paris Cockerels (Australian football) competed against the Paris Gaels (GAA). The Cockerels lost 3 of the 4 matches to the Gaels, which proved to be too strong. But each of the games saw the Aussie Rules players gaining more confidence with the round ball and putting more pressure on the Gaels. This would ultimately lead to the Cockerels' first victory in the PIRC, beating the Gaels 6-2-12 (54) to 2-5-10 (43), under the IR scoring system of 6 points for a goal (under), 3 for an over and 1 for a behind.

But Paris is not the only place where IR is being played in France. The Bordeaux Bombers started their 2009 season with an IR game against the newly formed GAA team of Charente-Maritime. The more experienced Bombers outplayed their opponents and eventually won the game.

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First French International Rules season winds up | 2 comments | Create New Account
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First French International Rules season winds up
Authored by: jono52795 on Monday, March 16 2009 @ 04:47 pm ACDT

Ahh, I hate to say it: but i think International Rules is steadfastly becoming the Aussie Rules game for International matches... Any thoughts?

First French International Rules season winds up
Authored by: Aaron Richard on Monday, March 16 2009 @ 05:05 pm ACDT

Short answer - not really.

It's a great way for some collaboration between gaelic clubs and Aussie rules clubs facing similar issues, but it's still a tiny minority of the total number of games played overseas.

Secondly - no one is ever likely to set up an "International rules club", it will in all likelihood remain a side show for Irish and Aussies for an gapfiller in the down time during the season.