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Wednesday, October 24 2018 @ 11:23 am ACDT

Kennelly heads home

EuropePaul Roos today discussed Kennelly's departure from the club “As a Club we knew Tadhg was going to go at the end of this season and we accepted that and were respectful of Tadhg’s decision...based on the last two years and Tadhg’s genuine concern for his body, the injury problems he has had with his groins, shoulders and knees, it has fast-tracked that decision by six months.

“We have always known that family commitments back home and also a burning desire to play for his county Kerry and follow in the footsteps of his late father Tim Kennelly, would one day take him back. We are totally supportive of Tadhg’s decision. It has come six months before we thought it would but we completely understand that Tadhg wants to go back and have an impact. His genuine fear is that if he got injured this year, as has been the case the last couple of years, he would never fulfil his ambition that he has long had and it would genuinely haunt him for the rest of his life.” He went on to say “Tadhg’s contribution to the Swans has been sensational and led to our Premiership win in 2005, the sacrifices he has made to play with us, leaving his family and friends, have been extraordinary. His competitive drive has allowed him to become a star player of the AFL and we'll miss him but obviously respect his decision, will continue to support him and he will always be welcome back at the Football Club.” Kennelly having his say on the matter said, “I want to go back home, to be with my family and to be fit enough to still play back at home...It has been on my mind and making this decision is on par with me coming out here in the first place… it is a risk. It has been a great ten years at the Sydney Swans and I want to thank everyone who has been involved in my career out here. I remember how excited I was to play my first game. To have achieved what I have, to have won a premiership with the best bunch of blokes, has just been amazing, but I am hanging up the AFL boots and going back to be with my family."

Kennelly's decision potentially leaves the Swans list three short with Fosdike and most likely Kyle Coney joining him as being on Sydneys starting list for 2009 but not actually playing this season.
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