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Global financial problems challenge AFL

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The global financial meltdown has already reached Australian sport.

With the AFL proposing two new AFL clubs in the next few years, some have urged they delay the program until the world economy turns around. Originally a new stadium on the Gold Coast was mooted, but with the area's two major investment management firms, MFS and City Pacific, and major developer Raptis, enduring financial problems this year, that now appears off the cards in the short to medium term. A re-development of the old Brisbane Bears ground at Carrara is now more likely. See New stadium plans off the table as GC17 puts its case.

Nevertheless, the AFL Commission appear determined to push ahead with the new clubs. Whether that resolve holds firm should be revealed next week as the Commission meet to discuss the issue.

It could be argued that the current economic climate makes a Tasmanian bid more attractive than West Sydney, though it's also worth noting that one of the vocal supporters of a Tassie bid, formerly Australia's richest person, Andrew Forrest, lost over half his wealth, on paper at least, in the share market fall this year. Ironically he has been replaced at #1 by Frank Lowy, the man behind soccer's big push in Australia. Convincing any sponsor to get on board, be it in Sydney or Tasmania, will be a difficult task. Perhaps the likeliest decision by the AFL is to proceed with West Sydney with caution, not stopping the project, but not fully committing to it until the economic outlook is clearer.

Finding a major sponsor is proving elusive for some of the Melbourne-based clubs, and it wouldn't surprise to see the AFL needing to put more money into them in 2009 than already the case.

The AFL has also warned clubs on the possible loss of existing sponsors and a downturn in members. The League has also vowed to cut its own spending, with reportedly up to $5 million cut in 2009. Hopefully that won't impact on the relatively modest international budget - it's in just such times that bold undertakings can yield their greatest benefits.

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Global financial problems challenge AFL | 2 comments | Create New Account
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Global financial problems challenge AFL
Authored by: Sean Finlayson on Monday, November 17 2008 @ 04:00 pm ACDT
It is a case in point. Andrew Demetriou is effectively admitting that it is vulnerable to the financial crisis and cutting costs. This is the world governing body of our sport. On the other hand, Sepp Blatter of FIFA is saying that the organisation isn't at all effected by the crisis and doesn't even have to tighten its belt.

While this isn't a huge issue domestically, as the AFL has always struggled with an inability to secure government funding (whereas Football Federation Australia has access to an almost open public purse and FIFA grants as well), from an international footy perspective the code is very vulnerable. It may not at present require much funding from the AFL but all the external funding will be much more difficult for the sport to tap into. This sort of funding drives the most successful junior programs in countries like South Africa, Canada and the UK. I wouldn't compare it to the effect that World War I, but over time it would have to be fairly significant.

Global financial problems challenge AFL
Authored by: Sean Finlayson on Monday, November 17 2008 @ 04:03 pm ACDT

P.S: Reading between the lines it may also mean clubs cutting down on international recruiting from places like Ireland, despite needing to bridge the talent gap for expansion clubs in QLD and NSW.