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Bulldogs hold off fast finishing Vikings

International Cup 2008

The Bulldogs and the Vikings have probably both performed below expectation in this competition. Best estimations were that the two sides should be evenly matched with the British team possibly having the physical advantage. The game got underway and very soon this looked like it would be an arm wrestle. Britain scored an early point but it wasn’t until almost five minute in the first goal was scored when Aiden Dillane sent a tumbling snap from the pocket through the big sticks. Two more goals followed from Andy Whiteaker who kicked long to the square and had the ball do a Monty Panesar-like turn over the pack in the square for a goal and from Edward Doe who marked in the pocket and kicked truly. The quarter was highlighted by heavy tackling from both sides and constant turnovers. Denmark were able to get the ball forward but not to score due to solid defence by the Bulldogs which allowed the Brits to lead by 19 points at quarter time.

The Vikings had the breeze in the second quarter but it was the British who goaled first. After good work by Julian Ford in the middle the ball moved quickly to the square Whiteaker kicked his second goal. Erik Krolmark had been closely marked but had a chance for a close range soccer goal but stepped on the ball and almost tripped over it before the Bulldog’s defenders got the ball away. The Vikings first goal came through Joachim Secher who got on the end of a nice pass from Nicholai Secher who centered from the pocket. He made no mistake with the kick from 30 metres out. Only one more point was scored for the quarter to the Danes and they trailed by 18 points.

The third quarter saw the momentum shift slightly with the Vikings getting the ball forward much more often. It was still an arm wrestle and the Bulldogs defence held firm with repeated delivery to Krolmark spoiled by his direct opponent. The Bulldogs scored two points from their forward thrusts before Robert Chamberlain got quick hands to Dominic Mitchell who goaled from 35 metres out. Jens Djernes had a good quarter at one stage doing it all himself to give and receive handball and ran past or through numerous defenders, but again Krolmark was unable to mark due to the Brits spoiling prowess. The Danes were now 33 points down.

The last quarter would belong to Denmark and Nicholai Secher had an early shot when his British opponent dropped the ball. His free kick went wide from 30m out. Aiden Dillane, Adam Bennett and Keith Farr continued to battle to keep the Danes from scoring but again Secher had the ball in the same spot. His pass to Krolmark came off as he was being held in the contest. He went back and kicked truly from 28 metres out. Joachim Secher had it again but his long kick came of hands for a behind. The Bulldogs moved the ball to their attacking end and Ashley Swift’s quick snap at goal rolled along the ground towards the goal but was intercepted by a Danish defender and deflected for a point.

Pack battles around the ground ate up valuable minutes for the Bulldogs defending their lead. Another Krolmark lead up was spoiled and at the other end a long kick in by Richard Lucas was cleared off the line by the Vikings. Krolmark then marked just outside the 40 metre arc but his quick kick in was spoiled to the boundary. Rasmus Jacobsen received a free kick 25 metres out, tight on the boundary and threaded the ball between the big sticks. It looked like the Danes might pull off a big comeback and when a quick kick came from the pack at centre half forward Joachim Secher ran onto the ball in the square to goal just inside the line the crowd was on its feet. Time had run out though and it was the Bulldogs home by seven points.

Great Britain
Goal Kickers: A. Whiteaker 2, A. Dillane, D. Mitchell, E. Doe
Best Players: L. Matias, A. Bennett, K. Farr, D. Mitchell, A. Whiteaker, S. Wood
Goal Kickers: N. Secher 2, E. Krolmark, R. Jacobsen
Best Players: J. Gjoerup, N. Secher, T. Cederholm, C. Campion, T. Ottessen, P. Finnsson

Great BritainDenmark
3.1 (19)1/40.0 (0)
4.1 (25)1/21.1 (7)
5.3 (33)3/41.1 (7)
5.4 (34)Full4.3 (27)

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Bulldogs hold off fast finishing Vikings
Authored by: Niels Schønnemann on Thursday, September 04 2008 @ 04:22 pm ACST

I think this game was very typical of the Danish campaign. Despite being very competitive and in this game the dominant ball carrier, the forwardline couldnt quite keep it up with the good defences down here. The Bulldogs fought hard, but I think if this had been 20min q´s plus time on, the Bulldogs couldnt have kept up with the speed and fitness of the danish team (as the last quarter showed). Also, with this being a low scoring game, its quite handy to have 1 or 2 lucky bounces close to goal.