And the first round finals are...

Monday, September 01 2008 @ 04:38 pm ACST

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With the pool rounds completed, the final draw for Wednesday is ready to go. Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa and PNG are the four left with a shot at the Cup, with some of the newer countries undoubtedly looking forward to getting a few goals on the board against fellow newcomers.

Note the later starting times, with the play-offs for a spot in the game at the MCG to be held under lights - hopefully with a big crowd of eager country footy fans from Warrnambool and surrounds. Placement finals will be played at Royal North on Friday.

Peace Team vs China3Mack Oval1:00pm
India vs Finland1Reid Oval1:00pm
Nauru vs USA6Walter Oval1:00pm
Samoa vs Sweden2Mack Oval3:00pm
Great Britain vs Denmark4Reid Oval3:00pm
Japan vs Canada5Walter Oval3:00pm
New Zealand vs Ireland7Reid Oval5:30pm
PNG vs South Africa8Reid Oval7:30pm

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