Superfooty Wrap chats to IC Captains

Tuesday, August 26 2008 @ 04:24 am ACST

Contributed by: Brett Northey

Long time readers of may recall our good friends Jeff and Paul from the FootyWrap, a regular comedy segment that they uploaded to Youtube each week. Although long overdue, the guys have since made the step up to featuring prominently on the Herald Sun website. But true to their word they have still caught up with the International Cup, and the boost to its profile can't be underestimated.

Read on for Jeff's exclusive thoughts on the tournament ahead and a direct link to their IC video on the Herald Sun website.

I am officially excited about the 2008 International Cup in Melbourne. Having met some of the Captains at Telstra Dome today, I think we can expect a few surprises and the emergence of some superstars.

Nathan Buckley was the most notable Captain (albeit ex-Captain) on the hallowed turf today. He greeted the players and posed for a photo but even he will have to take a back seat as these International footy wannabes go head to head for a shot at footballing immortality.

Of particular interest to me will be Mervin Nathaniel of the Indian team. Indian Captain Mario Shelton has described him as the Sachin Tendulkar of Indian Footy (though he assures me Mervin can walk the streets of India without being mobbed.) I want to see why they call him the 'Magician'.

Another player of interest will be Kamal Abualthom whom I learned kicked a lazy seven goals in one of the Peace Team's warm up games. Under the careful guidance of assistant coach Robert Dipperdimenico, who knows what he might be capable of.

The Irish team will be fancied by local Melbournians though given the recent success of players such as Tadhg Kennelly, Martin Clarke and Setanta O'hAilpin. Their captain, Brian O'Connell hails from the same town as Setanta. I wonder if he is as nutty?

The most exciting part for me is that so much is unknown about the teams and players that are over here for the International Cup. There are going to be upsets, breakout games and maybe we'll even unearth the next AFL superstar.

SuperFooty Wrap at the International Cup captain's media conference.

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