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IC08 Live Scores - Round 2 - Royal Park, Melbourne

International Cup 2008

The intention is to update these scores each quarter as the games progress. Match reports and images will follow later. All times are Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), which is +10 GMT. A warm day for Melbourne in August (late winter), 18 degrees Celsius and fine, getting quite warm for football with no clouds in the sky.

Round 2 - 29th and 30th August 2008


1.5 (11)1/40.0 (0)
5.13 (43)1/20.0 (0)
9.17 (71)3/40.0 (0)
13.20 (98)Full0.0 (0)
2.4 (16)1/40.0 (0)
8.7 (55)1/20.0 (0)
11.14 (80)3/40.0 (0)
16.18 (108)Full0.0 (0)
Great BritainNauru
0.1 (1)1/42.0 (0)
0.3 (3)1/25.3 (33)
2.5 (17)3/47.3 (45)
2.6 (18)Full10.5 (65)


PNGPeace Team
4.1 (25)1/41.1 (7)
11.6 (72)1/21.1 (7)
15.10 (100)3/41.1 (7)
20.20 (140)Full1.1 (7)
2.1 (13)1/42.0 (12)
2.1 (13)1/25.6 (36)
3.5 (23)3/46.7 (43)
4.7 (31)Full8.8 (56)
New ZealandIndia
7.6 (48)1/40.0 (0)
17.10 (112)1/20.0 (0)
25.14 (164)3/40.0 (0)
35.19 (229)Full0.0 (0)


5.3 (33)1/40.1 (1)
7.8 (50)1/21.1 (7)
12.8 (80)3/41.1 (7)
16.12 (108)Full1.1 (7)
Team AsiaTeam Africa
2.2 (14)1/42.0 (12)
4.2 (26)1/26.2 (38)
5.2 (32)3/47.5 (47)
8.3 (51)Full7.6 (48)

Team Africa and Team Asia are multicultural teams based on ethnic groups within Melbourne, and their matches are part of the Multicultural Challenge, an adjunct to IC08 but not part of the main draw.

Round 2 concludes when South Africa play Denmark at 12pm tomorrow (Saturday 30th August) at St Mary's in Geelong, just outside Melbourne.
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IC08 Live Scores - Round 2 - Royal Park, Melbourne | 2 comments | Create New Account
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IC08 Live Scores - Round 2 - Royal Park, Melbourne
Authored by: Ian Hill on Friday, August 29 2008 @ 03:19 pm ACST

In six games of footy (two each), Finland, China and India have had one scoring shot between them.
And they've conceded a total of 833 points - an average of 139 in games that last 68 minutes flat - that equates to 204 points in a full match.

I can't escape the idea that if the AFL had a better feel for where international footy was, they would have insisted on separate divisions, despite the requests from the middle-nations. These mismatches serve no purpose for anyone at all. And if nothing else it would have meant one of them won second division. More winners all round.

Having said that, Round 2 has thrown up a few upsets. It's quite obvious the draw has been done so that in each pool, round 1 was 1v3 and 2v4, round 2 was 1v4 and 2v3 and Round 3 was 1v2 and 3v4. This was done so that round 3 would throw up some "quarter finals" as such, and so as not to throw the 4s at the 1s in their first games (you can also see this because the higher ranked team has always been listed first in AvB sense).

So at this point the ladders should have been showing two teams with two wins and two with two losses. But it looks like two of the 2v3 games have not gone as expected - the wins to Nauru and Japan.

Competitive games at last ... good to see. Let's hope Sweden and Denmark can keep the sequence going!

IC08 Live Scores - Round 2 - Royal Park, Melbourne
Authored by: Brett Northey on Friday, August 29 2008 @ 08:06 pm ACST

It's quite a reasonable point you make about the mismatches, and no one wants to see such blow outs. Personally I think I would have done it differently, but then we don't know all the nuances of who wanted what and it's hard to be critical when most nations wanted it that way.

But having said all that, the WFN crew has spoken to some of the staff at Finland, China and Sweden, and they were content. It wasn't a formal interview where they were under the pump to say all the right things, it was just chit chat after games etc, and we asked whether they were concerned their guys were being discouraged, but the answers were quite the opposite.

All the staff came in with their eyes wide open, aware of the potential for big losses. Most of their players, not all but most, have reasonable to good skills, as seen for example when watching China warm up and go through some drills. What they haven't ever encountered before is the level of intensity here - putting those skills into practice under extreme pressure. They say their players are really learning quickly what's required - at least for future reference.

We could be all conspiracy theorist but that's what the staff are saying, but obviously they're also looking forward to rounds 4 and 5 when they play each other. But certainly in 3 or 4 years when the next Cup is likely, if there are very new teams they must be separated from the best, who will be playing a very very good standard of footy. Who knows, there be regional qualifying by then.

Brett Northey - Co-founder and Chief Editor of WFN