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Sunday, August 09 2020 @ 05:54 pm ACST

AFL Britain ready to launch 2008 season


The newly-reformed AFL Britain is soon to kick off the 2008 season, with draws for the London, Southern and Northern regions released and Scotland already playing.

The ARUK-run Southern league features the new Chippenham Redbacks side, although Thanet and Swindon are gone from last year. The Northern league has held steady with four clubs back in the race for the title. The Central league, this year to feature clubs including the existing Manchester Mozzies and Nottingham Scorpions alongside some new teams, will release its feature in the near future.

The pre-season ANZAC Cup will be held in London this Saturday, with the British Bulldogs to compete as part of their preparation for this year's International Cup. As the ANZAC Cup has no eligibility rules, the all-local Bulldogs will likely be up against some seasoned Australian opposition on the day.

The British Bulldogs showed some major improvement last year, giving the Irish a thumping in Dublin to claim bragging rights as the strongest national team in Europe. With a number of training camps already held, and a series of practice matches coming up, the Bulldogs may be a major threat to the top sides in Melbourne and Warrnambool come August.

In other exciting news from England, the under 16s league in London is looking likely to go ahead, featuring teams from schools running junior footy programs.

For more information on the upcoming season, visit the AFL Britain's new website at www.AFLGreatBritain.com.

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