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Revolution IC 2008 squad named

International Cup 2008

The USAFL traveling squad for the 2008 International Cup has been announced. The selection process for the team known as the ‘Revolution’, began at the start of 2006 with their international match against Canada and has included a number of training camps and matches which culminated this past weekend in Florida. The 35 man squad has thirteen members of the 2005 squad which finished third at the International Cup including the 2005 captain Donnie Lucero and James Brunmeier who were both named in the 2005 Australian Football International Cup All Stars Team.

Clubs best represented are San Diego with five players in the squad, Minnesota Freeze four and Denver, Nashville, Milwaukee and Orange County each with three. Some of the better known clubs not represented this time include Atlanta, Chicago, Arizona, New York, Dallas, Kansas City, Louisville, Cincinnati, Portland and Seattle.

Missing from the squad this time around will be the likes of the Ellis brothers and the size and experience of BJ Gambaro and Matt Dainauski (Matt will be Assistant Coach this time around). The US will also miss the experience of Jay Mueller, Dave Thurmond and ‘Bluey’ Carroll who had spent seasons playing football in Melbourne. The Revolution team will be coached by Rob Oliver.

The squad is as follows:

Jay Levesque, Baltimore/Washington Eagles Article 2.
R.J. Wheelock, Baltimore/Washington Eagles
Mickey Kleinhenz, Baton Rouge Tigers
George Lakomy*, Boston Demons
Andy Vanica, Boston Demons
Chris Candelaria, Denver Bulldogs
Michael LeValley, Denver Bulldogs
Robert Strange, Denver Bulldogs
Dustin Jones*, Florida Redbacks
Andrew Lamont, Golden Gate Kangaroos
Marty Curry*, Las Vegas Gamblers
Rob Lutostanski*, Las Vegas Gamblers
Bruce Beilfuss*, Milwaukee Bombers
James Brunmeier*, Milwaukee Bombers
Jared Brunmeier*, Milwaukee Bombers
Mike Busse, Minnesota Freeze
Danny Hansen, Minnesota Freeze
Ryan Marx, Minnesota Freeze
Zachary Weaver, Minnesota Freeze
Luke Nemeth, Nashville Kangaroos
Dee Vsetecka*, Nashville Kangaroos
David Walker*, Nashville Kangaroos
Paul Duncan, North Carolina Tigers
Andy Lindsey, Orange County Bombers
Kelly Nelson, Orange County Bombers
Kurth Nelson, Orange County Bombers
Jon Loring*, Philadelphia Hawks
Patrick Miller, Philadelphia Hawks
Brandon Blankenship*, San Diego Lions
J.J. Cisneros, San Diego Lions
Donnie Lucero*, San Diego Lions
Brett Ullman, San Diego Lions
Justin Valley, San Diego Lions
Dan Sarbacker*, St. Louis Blues
Dan Sergot, St. Louis Blues

* Indicates played in 2005 International Cup.

Five alternates (the next in line) have also been named, they are:

Patrick Defors, Milwaukee Bombers
Jeff Persson, Nashville Kangaroos
Tim Little, New York Magpies
Josh Loring*, Philadelphia Hawks
Jeffery Blankman, San Diego Lions

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Revolution IC 2008 squad named
Authored by: Troy Thompson on Wednesday, July 09 2008 @ 02:03 pm ACST

Links to articles/profiles of players added. Will add more as they come in before the cup.