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Tuesday, January 19 2021 @ 12:09 am ACDT

Footy Shorts - more media on South Africa and Dubai

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With AFL clubs in South Africa and Dubai, Australian reporters have followed the teams overseas, so we're seeing a steady stream of stories about what the clubs are doing in South Africa and AFL development there, as well as occasional articles related to the Dubai match. A lot of the stories focus on the under-privileged situation many of the Africans find themselves in, and the hopefully humbling experience for the Australians. But it's pleasing to see there are purely football messages coming through too, such as Fremantle coach Mark Harvey's call for the AFL to provide a system for South African players to make it to the big time. Possibly he's unaware of the current International Scholarship scheme - maybe when Harvey finds out he might want to sign up one or two prospects. Here's just some of the stories, including a link to a TV report.

Getting a kick out of Africa - Ben Broad reports on some of Freo's community visits, including to a correctional facility (see also our earlier story Footy goes to jail).

Biglands’ Dubai comeback delayed - Katrina Gill reports that the Crows' main ruckman will miss the Dubai match. Sadly, a further update to this story is that after over 12 months in rehabilitation from a knee reconstruction and about to make his return, and in the later years of his career, Adelaide now fear he has done his knee again and may need another reconstruction.

Smooth the way for South Africans: Harvey - Ben Broad reports on the Fremantle coach encouraging the AFL toward a scheme like that used to bring more NSW youngsters into the AFL.

Dockers announce SAF partners - confirms that besides Nkwe Platinum, Fremantle have also signed on with Continental Capital Limited - a WA-based company with interests in South Africa.

Dockers add Air Mauritius to sponsors list - Fremantle have secured Air Mauritius as a sponsor. When you read some clubs say that it's too expensive to explore overseas, you realise that this may be an evolutionary leap forward for AFL clubs that could actually make money for them, but some clubs are either unable or unwilling to take the chance.

Blues finding their inner pride - Michael Gleeson reports on Carlton's efforts to restore player pride, but also mentions their training in Pretoria.

Profitable pre-season for Rocca - Collingwood's Anthony Rocca won big at a casino in Sun City whilst in South Africa. For all his joy at that, you would think it would make that nagging sense of guilt worse - the one you get when confronted with the poverty in parts of South Africa and you know you're leaving having alleviated that by only a tiny amount.

Middle East NAB Cup game a big export - more on the economic advantages of getting into Dubai.

AFL outreach touches South African heart - more on Freo's trip.

South African diary: A moving experience - reporter Ben Broad's experience with the AFL clubs in South Africa.

Most of this is print (or internet) media. We'd love to hear from our readers as to whether they're seeing international footy stories on television, the medium sure to deliver the message to Australian Football fans. Feel free to leave a comment on this article.

Here's an exception - the Fremantle trip as shown on Channel 10 in Western Australia, including an incredible AFLSA volunteer, Tebogo Raditsabena, who runs training sessions despite losing his legs below the knees as a child.

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