VAFA clubs invited to host International Cup teams

Thursday, November 01 2007 @ 01:40 pm ACDT

Contributed by: Michael Christiansen

In some exciting news for raising the profile of International Footy at a 'grass roots' level in Melbourne, the AFL has invited VAFA clubs to 'host' International Cup teams during the period of the 2008 International Cup. The VAFA has forwarded to club secretaries an invitation to become involved. The 'hosting' is envisaged to include sharing ideas, perhaps running a training session and a social function. On behalf of my club (Syndal Tally Ho), we will be seeking further information on this topic, and would love to establish a 'formal' link with an international competition or club.

I have previously indicated that it might be appropriate to create a forum by which individuals might come to Australia a little early, and train or play on permit at local clubs in preparation for the IC2008. This new development may help to facilitate this as well.

One might hope that this process might allow local VAFA clubs to gain extra local press publicity about their roles, and the International Cup.

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