USFooty Top 10 Poll Number 3

Friday, July 13 2007 @ 11:35 pm ACST

Contributed by: Christopher P. Adams, Ph.D.

The votes are in from across the United States as we reveal the latest WFN USFooty Top 10 rankings. The reigning US Nationals champs, San Diego, have retained top spot, but there have been some movements lower down.

>The new Top 10 according to the votes received:

1 San Diego Lions (1-0) (9 # 1 votes)
2 Denver Bulldogs (0-0) (1 # 1 vote)
3 NY Magpies (1-0)
4 Golden Gate Roos (1-0)
5 BW Eagles (3-0) (UP from 8)
6 OC Bombers (1-1) (UP from 7)
7 Boston Demons (0-1) (DOWN from 6)
8 Milwaukee Bombers (0-2) (DOWN from 5)
9 Chicago United (3-0)
10 Atlanta Kookaburras (4-1) (IN)

> Also receiving votes Minnesota Freeze (1-0), Seattle Grizzlies (1-0), Philadelphia Hawks (1-0), Nashville Kangaroos (2-1), Dallas Magpies (2-1). (Results in parenthesis include all inter-city games except the pre-season games played at the Staples Center and the games played in the Louisville Tourney.)

San Diego Lions stayed at the top of World Footy New's USFooty Top 10 Poll with a win over the combined Las Vegas/Arizona side. Denver Bulldogs kept their second position even though they are yet to start their 2007 season. The New York Magpies and the Golden Gate Roos kept their third and fourth positions respectively with opening game wins against ranked opponents. The big mover was the Baltimore Washington Eagles who used a sweep of North Carolina Tigers in their home and away series and got a win over the depleted Boston Demons (7) at home to convince voters that they are a top 5 USFooty team. The OC Bombers and the Boston Demons swapped positions as the OC Bombers won their home opener against the Dallas Magpies but lost on the road to the Roos (4) and a the Demons lost on the road to the Eagles (5). After losing their first two games to the Etobicoke Roos (Toronto) (at home) and the Atlanta Kookaburras (10) (away), the Milwaukee Bombers slipped to 8. Chicago United held their 9th position with three wins to start their 2007 campaign. The Atlanta Kookaburras caught the eye of the voters and made their debut in the Top 10 after a 4-1 start to the 2007 season including a win at home over Milwaukee (8).

The big winners in the third round of voting were the Baltimore Washington Eagles and the Atlanta Kookaburras. Both teams have had similar starts to their season, with Atlanta winning their home and away series against the Baton Rouge Tigers and the Eagles winning their home and away series against the North Carolina Tigers. Both teams also had home wins against higher ranked opponents. Atlanta's 4 and 1 start puts them atop of USFooty's Unofficial League Ladder, just ahead of Chicago and the Eagles who are both 3 and 0. The Eagles have been led by Chris Carroll who has 7 goals so far this season and is third in the goalkicking. The Kookaburras have been led by Damien Sheehan who leads the goal kickers with 11 goals and leads the vote getters with 11 votes. Still, despite good starts questions remain about both clubs. It looks like we will have to wait until August 25 to answer those questions. The Kookas will be heading up to Milwaukee for the second leg of the home and away series and the Eagles will be traveling up to New York to take on the Magpies. This second game may decide the EAFL title and obviously have important implications for the USFooty seedings.

The match of the year so far occurs this weekend when the San Diego Lions (1) travel to Colorado for the Western Regionals. This tourny will see 1 vs 2 as the Denver Bulldogs host and look to take revenge for their 2006 championship loss.

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