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UAE Heat to make debut

Middle East

A highlight of the Asian football calendar, the Asian Australian Football Championships are now less than a month away. The United Arab Emirates Heat are one of two countries to debut at this year's Championship - their squad comprised of players from the country’s two primary clubs; its namesake and football-pioneers the Dingoes. Below is a brief look at footy in the UAE following the Dubai 9s and the Heat's preparation for Bangkok next month, plus a correction to the article's first release.

Since the Dingoes hosted the first-ever Dubai 9s, a nine-a-side football tournament which drew teams from the Emirates plus a team each from Oman and Qatar, football has developed a noteworthy following in the Middle Eastern nation, which now looks set to be rewarded with an AFL exhibition match in early 2008. The Dingoes have provided a rally point for fans of the game, with a reported 10,000 Australians in the region. Something unimaginable a single year ago, the country will this year be represented in Asian football's biggest competition. In preparation, the Dubai Dingoes and the Dubai Heat have been playing regular matches against each other, and holding training sessions at the Exiles Rugby Ground. Whilst the Heat won the inaugural Dubai 9s, the Dingoes have bettered them in every match since.

The following account from the match on June 6 is courtesy of the Dubai Dingoes.

The Heat were always going to get off to a good start, but some great one-percenters and ball movement from the Dingoes saw them only a couple of goals down at quarter time. Mick ‘Libber’ Patton caused havoc with some great contested marks that gave the Heat something to worry about. Water flowed at the first break; the Dingoes discussed tactics and a few (mainly British) onlookers watching the soccer and netball matches moved to the main field to see the footy.

The Heat came out in the second quarter with something to prove and never really allowed the Dingoes to make the most of the breeze. Mick Patton still managed to squeeze a few between the big sticks, whilst Ben Edwards, Pete runs-all-day and Emile Morel moved the ball from the back line to the flanks, but the Dingoes struggled to find space in the forward line.

At the half the Heat held a commanding five goal lead, and kicking with the breeze in the third, would have been having a chuckle to themselves. Great Pressure from the Dingoes in the third saw them get back into the game. Joe, Andrew, Pete and Brent had notable performances, but the Dingoes were still down by three goals going into the final quarter.

Quick goals to Brent, Ben and Mick gave the Dingoes a sniff. Three points down, the Dingoes lifted and stole the game in the last minute thanks to handball from Mick Patton to ‘Plugger’ who snapped quickly and goaled.

Due to the hot summer in Dubai, June 27 will be the club's final training session until after summer. In July/August the club will be holding a general meeting to discuss the best way forward for the club and the Dubai Dingoes website will be going live soon.

Correction 28/06/2007: We have received word from the Dubai Heat that there were some inaccuracies in the information on which this article is based. They have kindly provided a clarification below.

The Dubai Heat will form the bulk of United Arab Emirates Heat squad in Bangkok next month, with two members of the Dingoes’ side lending their skills. Four matches have been held involving the two teams since the local tournament. Two of these involved a combined Heat/Dingoes sides. Of the other two, one was played 10 against 10 and was won by the Heat in excess of 10 goals. The other was played 12 against 9 for the final three quarters (Dingoes advantage), to help even up the sides. This was won by the Dingoes by less than a goal.

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UAE Heat to make debut
Authored by: mickindubai on Monday, June 25 2007 @ 01:08 pm ACST

Good luck to the Dubai Heat, hope they do well.

UAE Heat to make debut
Authored by: Plugger on Monday, July 09 2007 @ 11:18 pm ACST

I would just like to make comment to the Dubai Heats sarcastic remarks used in regards to the article posted. The fact that sarcasm can be used in these situation really warms to my heart because its funny how they wish the rest of the world (who probably don’t care how Dubai footy is going) to know that they are winning games. As long as it makes one or two of these grown men feel good about themselves; who can nearly handle a good bump… I say nearly due to constant injuries to these great Australian specimens. So let me just say the first of 4 encounters after our mauling in the 9’s.. lets not deny this fact… we had predicted a fun day of footy until some semi pro hooligans took it to another level. Thus when we met again after the tournament we proved the Heat weren’t all that special. First game although combined, Twas the yellow and black jerseys that prevailed. The next week however, I recall the heat gaining dingoes players not the other way around, and again yellow and black. Game 3 all this talk of more dingoes on the ground than heat is bollocks, I can see how that must have seemed for these men who train weekly to be out shone by a group of men that at least hang after a game for a beer and laugh instead of limping off to bed. Now yes Heat won the 4th encounter, but I think not by 10 goals even if it should have been. Its hard to win by that margin when your total was about 8.17!!! Learn to kick straight and might be different…. Now boys I really hope the Heat do well in Thailand, with the few Dingoes that are playing. But lets not get too ahead of ourselves. If it’s the UAE playing, where are the dingoes numbers? Heat show ponying at its best again, have to be in charge. Lets just wait till the Crows V Woods game next year, organize a real hit out and let our pride talk then. But don’t big yourselves up for no apparent reason because you aint that good.