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Kelowna Cup 2007

North America

The Kelowna Cup was a very successful day for footy in Canada held last weekend Sat June 2. The Alberta Canadians won for the second year in a row defeating the BC Canadians. The BC Footy Aussie guys defeated the Calgary Aussies convincingly. Mark Block Canada's national team head coach was there and he was impressed, we may see some fresh talent heading to the Northwind squad for their upcoming clash with the US Revolution team later this year.

The Kelowna's Power 104 were there to promote the event and MYKwebTV filmed the event on Saturday. This report provided to us by 'Myk Aussie'. The footage mentioned should be up on his site soon.

What a great day of Aussie Rules Footy it was in Kelowna, British Columbia. It was the 2nd Kelowna Cup which was started and organized by AB Footy President Gareth Williams. The Kelowna Cup is unique in that the Canadian and non Australians play against each other and then the Australians play each other. The Alberta Canadians won the main game of the day and thus the Kelowna Cup defeating the BC Canadians. Four Canadian teams competed. From Alberta it was the Calgary Canadians and the Red Deer MagpiesCanadians while from BC it was the Vancouver Canadians and the Vancouver Harps. The Harps led by Legend Ronan was the Gaelic Footy guys.

For the main game the best players from the Red Deer Magpies which included the Kidd brothers played for Calgary while the best Harps guys played for Vancouver thus Alberta CDN's vs BC CDN's fought it out for the Kelowna Cup. It was a great game with Alberta winning. The all Aussie games. In 2006 the Calgary Kangaroo's were dominant over the BC Footy guys but that was definitely not the case on Saturday. The Calgary Aussies were defeated by the Vancouver Cougars by several goals and then we were hammered by the Burnaby Eagles. The Burnaby Eagles also defeated the Vancouver Cougars. There were many new excellent Aussies playing for the Vancouver teams. There is no doubt we missed our Champ Brad Flower and BC have a advantage at this time of the year as they have been training for many more weeks than us due to the crazy Calgary weather. This said I believe the BC Footy guys need to be congratulated on their wins especially as they also fielded two teams and we fielded just the one team. We need to get more serious if we are to retain the 2007 Stampede Cup and the 2007 BC Footy Cup against the BC guys.

Mark Block Canada's national team head coach was there and he was impressed. Mark who is from Toronto is a former Northwind Canadian player. He told me he was very impressed with the City of Kelowna and the great day of Aussie Footy. I interviewed Mark for MYKwebTV and we discussed likely players from both Alberta and BC that could make the Northwind team.

What a great job Ken Freeman did umpiring many of the games. Ken umpires in Victoria. I also interviewed Ken for CDN Aussie Rules Footy MYKwebTV.

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