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Sunday, July 05 2020 @ 03:38 am ACST

English language character sets


WFN covers Aussie Rules in many countries and as such the characters used in stories go well beyond standard English. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to support multiple languages through human translation (readers will have to rely on the often inaccurate translations available from sites such as Google). However logged in users can set the language to suit their native tongue, such that default messages are given in that language (see Preferences in the left column once logged in).

Yet how stories appear can be different to what the author intended if a different character set is used. This is a technical issue for software engineers. For example for a primarily English language site to support such characters as used in "Skåne" (the footy stronghold of southern Sweden), a character set such as UTF-8 is used by this site. That is the default set now for readers who are not logged in, and for those that create a new account. Existing users should check under Preferences that they are using a UTF-8 character set under the Language option, such as "English (UTF-8)", otherwise non-standard characters will appear as "junk".

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