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Tuesday, September 22 2020 @ 12:58 am ACST

Victory at last for Finnish Lions


In Finland's third appearance of their first season, with the addition of 3 "experienced" Stockholm recruits they managed an upset first victory against a 24-man mixed squad of the Stockholm Royals and Dynamite, who as always put up a great fight. The game was played in Helsinki, 26th August, 12pm at a full sized Myllypuro oval, to a good "sausages sold out" crowd who gathered for the Footy and then the Rugby which followed.

Finland got off to a "Flying Finn" start and did not look back, leading at each change of ends. Conditions got a little wet half in the 3rd quarter much to the delight of the players, although the weather quickly clearly up. Some accurate kicking and their fast moving midfield certainly helped the Finn's out on the day. Some explosive burst's off a wing from Jukka Edvardsson and Tim Hannon's reliable brand of talent helped Finland to take control. Stockholm hit back hard in the 3rd and certainly made Finland earn their win. Three goals to the Finn's in the final quarter sealed the deal and signalled the start of a long night of celebrations for the victorious new guys (and party hard they did).

Finland will now turn their sights to the Central Europe AFL Championships in Prague, September 16th.

The Finns have thoroughly enjoyed their taste of AFL in their first season. As to be expected of a first season, it has been a tough job recruiting players, the initiated ones are now ever so keen to drag their mates down to practice. The dozen or so Finns on the team list have showed some real flair, strength and energy and are regulars to the training field. The Flying Finnish Lions are "champing at the bit" for more game experience.

Next season it will take a lot more than a lack of sponsors and a regular "grass" training field to keep these guys away. Emphasis has certainly been on having fun in a family type environment. The Lions welcome all visitors who dare step on their turf!

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