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Tuesday, September 22 2020 @ 01:04 am ACST

Brad Moran stars on debut for North Melbourne


Soccer-playing Brad Moran emigrated from England to Australia's northern state of Queensland just 4 years ago at the age of 15 - now making his first appearance for the AFL's North Melbourne Kangaroos. His remarkable adaptation to the indigenous code is profiled in a recent WFN story and then last Friday on afl.com.au.

While the write up on the official AFL website was very promising, it seems he exceeded all expectations with a commanding performance for the Kangaroos the next day in their match against Hawthorn in Launceston. The 200cm Moran took 10 marks in blustery conditions that were unconducive to easy marks. He also had 13 kicks, gave out 8 handpasses, laid 3 tackles and palmed 10 hit-outs to smaller team-mates to well and truly earn his place in the losing team's official best player list.

His performance may have AFL talent scouts pondering the fact there are more than a few tall 15 year old soccer players in the world.

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