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Saturday, July 04 2020 @ 03:21 am ACST

Arena Footy Anyone?

North America

Is the AFL the future of AFL in the US? In US professional sports the acronym AFL stands for Arena Football League. The work of Tommy Ellis, the Denver Bulldogs and the Colorado Crush suggest that the future success of professional footy in the US may lie with the Arena Football League rather than with that other AFL.

The Denver Bulldogs have proven that indoor footy on an indoor American Football field can be an extremely exciting and entertaining brand of football. To see what I mean, check out the video coverage of the two recent games currently on the Denver Bulldogs's site (the Bulldogs have played demonstration matches at half time of Arena Football League matches).

The development of a professional footy league in the US will take imagination, persistance, guts and luck. The guys at the Arena Football League have shown that "grass roots" minor league football can be very successful if you stick to what you know, and you cater to families and your live audience. Arena football came into existence in 1987 and has developed to the point where it averages 12,000 people per game, it has a national TV contract with NBC and has produced NFL legends like Kurt Warner.

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