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2006 Catalan Season Kicks Off

  • Tuesday, June 20 2006 @ 02:23 am ACST
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This year's Catalan Aussie Rules season kicks off on Saturday June 24 with Belfry Valls taking on new side the Barcelona Stars in Valls for the Mobles Pinky Trophy. Four sides will compete for the LFAC championship this year - representing the cities of Valls, Tarragona, Lleida and Barcelona - with the special match between Brazil and Catalonia planned for August.

Saturday the first of July will also see Belfry Valls visit Perpignan to take on the St Esteve Saints, who will also receive a visit from the Madrid Bears on the weekend of July 29-30.

The four LFAC sides will meet to decide the 2006 premiership in Valls on July 29th, with founder club Valls sure to be eager to hold onto the trophy they won in 2005. The league has in its history had a large number of Brazilian expats in its sides, thus seizing the opportunity to create the Brazilian Anacondas to meet the Catalan Selection in August. The match between Brazil and Catalonia was planned for last year, but ultimately didn't come to fruition as the league was preparing for the EU Cup in London.

In other French-Spanish-Catalan news, the Madrid Bears will visit Perpignan to play the Saints of St Esteve on Saturday, July 29. With a large group from the Bears' lineup having played at the International Cup in Melbourne, the French-Catalonians will be eager to see how they stack up. St Esteve have performed strongly thus far in 2006, soundly defeating Belfry Valls early in the year, then putting in a very strong showing to lose by a small margin to a visiting English side of players from the Reading Roos.

Saturday 24th June in Valls:
Trofeu Mobles Pinky - Belfry Valls vs Barcelona Stars

Saturday 1st of July in Perpignan (France):
Saints de Saint Esteve vs Belfry Valls

Saturday 29th of July in Valls:
Final of the LFAC (Valls, Barcelona, Tarragona and Lleida)

Saturday 29th of July in Perpignan:
Madrid Bears vs Saints de Saint Esteve

Saturday 26th of August in Valls:
International Match - Catalonia vs Brazil expatriates