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Monday, June 24 2019 @ 10:47 pm ACST

USAFL TV deal not delivering, but hopes remain for 2006

North America

As fans would know, the much anticipated telecast of USAFL matches into US markets appears unlikely to take place in 2005, despite USFooty's deal with ASTN. Nevertheless, Australian Football's governing body in the United States still holds out hope that ASTN and its parent company can resolve financing issues and deliver in 2006.

As reported in USAFL hopeful that TV deal is still on track the 2005 East-West game was filmed and post-production had commenced but ASTN had a problem with funding. Scott Hunt, USAFL Public Relations, told worldfootynews.com that ASTN had advised that "the season would be on hold until new financing could be found".

"I spoke with Roger Smith, president of OBN Holdings (the parent company of ASTN) just before the holidays, and he said he is optimistic that the funding will be in place by mid-December to allow us to broadcast the 2006 season. So, we're hopeful that will be the case".

WFN has not established whether ASTN has successfully broadcast or supplied content for any other sports as yet. It would appear that USFooty negotiated a promising deal in good faith which was understandably met with great excitement in the footy community. After ASTN's financial problems and growing scepticism there is little more the USAFL can do but wait and see whether their work will pay off. The suggestion of funding by mid-December offers some encouragement and all Australian Football fans will have to sit tight and wish the USAFL luck. Scott Hunt: "... at this point, we are working under the assumption ASTN will have the funding in place".

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