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Thursday, January 28 2021 @ 10:34 am ACDT

Rec footy video

General NewsAt World Footy News we're keen to see the game of footy grow internationally. A key factor will always be the health of the game "at home". Recreational Football could well prove to be an important factor in that health. We reported in AFL Recreational Football how the game has long needed a non-contact social version, and that Rec Footy had been developed in recent years to play that role. After several years development and now starting its second season in some states of Australia and first in others, the AFL have a video showing the virtues of the sport and explaining the rules.

It is available to view free on their website. Currently it is in their video section at http://afl.com.au/default.asp?pg=videoarchive and listed on the left hand side as AFL Rec. Footy - the game for everyone. No doubt some will feel it lacks the physical edge, but as a social evening sport during Australia's hot summers, it could prove a valuable asset to the game.
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