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Thursday, July 16 2020 @ 02:29 pm ACST

Volunteering in South Africa - getting back at least as much as you put in


Although it has its problems, South Africa is a wonderful place to visit - the spectacular high veldt, the wildlife, the people and culture of the Rainbow Nation, as they call themselves (a rainbow of different colours and cultures). But there is something more that can be gained than just the usual tourist experiences. Getting close to the people and really feeling the warmth of their welcome is something that can seem out of reach - but footy can get you there.

Recently a couple of Aussie tourists from Canberra decided to try to combine their love of footy with their desire to put some volunteer time into local South African communities. They contacted AFL South Africa and were warmly received. Soon they were off visiting townships around the Northwest Province, enriching the lives of local children, but also experiencing another side of the country as they were welcomed into local homes. Let's hope this is the first of many such opportunities for tourists in Africa. AFL South Africa hope so, treating this as a pilot project called Aussies on the Road. Of course I'm sure they'd like to hear from any other nationalities who play Aussie Rules and are heading to South Africa.

Read the full story, by Phindile Khambule and July Machethe, on the AFL South Africa website (under news).

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