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Saturday, June 06 2020 @ 04:36 pm ACST

Catalonia to take on the Brazilian Anacondas

EuropeThe Catalan Selection make their first appearance as a representative squad in September, taking on the 'Brazilian Anacondas' at Meubles Pinky Stadium in Valls (awaiting confirmation of date and times). The Spanish region of Catalonia has for many centuries had a strong independent streak which has seen Catalan 'national' soccer sides compete against other nations around Europe and fuels a passionate rivalry between the Catalan capital Barcelona and the Castillian (and Spanish national) capital Madrid.

They also have a four-team Australian Football league in the small town of Valls, near Tarragona, and this September the Catalan Representative squad will take on another debutante in the international Aussie Rules scene, a Brazilian lineup nicknamed the 'Anacondas'.

The Anacondas are apparently drawn from Brazilian players residing in the Valls area, and are the first all-Brazilian side World Footy News is aware of anywhere.

Due to family, work and financial reasons (the bane of footy worldwide) no Catalan players were able to join with the Spanish Bulls side coming to Melbourne, this team becoming a de-facto Madrid Bears outfit. They are however aiming to travel to London this October for the EU Cup, which is a progression from the Central European AFL championships held between developing footy nations in Europe in previous years. This trip is likely to be an event for the Spanish Bulls as a whole, Madrid and Catalan players joining together for the first national outift containing players from both camps.

The Catalan camp was earlier this year hoping for a match-up against the Bears as their only in-country rivals, but no plans have yet been set. Only one match has been played between Madrid and Catalonia, the Bears winning convincingly in Madrid.

The Bears are reportedly hoping to increase their schedule with an expanded calendar each year against other European teams - though there is the possibility of the formation of more clubs in Spain with some interest in Grenada and Barcelona.

We'll have to wait and see where the future takes us with regard to footy in Spain, but in the meantime we can keep an eye on what happens in the match between the Anacondas and Catalonia.
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