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IC2005 Final Round results and country rankings

  • Saturday, August 13 2005 @ 10:43 am ACST
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International Cup 2005 The following are the official AFL scores, best players and goalkickers for the final round of matches at the 2005 International Cup. Also listed are the final rankings for each country. Later we'll do an indepth analysis of how the countries have gone compared with 2002 and look at where the tournament may go in future. New Zealand has claimed the 2005 Australian Football International Cup Grand Final title over Papua New Guinea following the final round of matches played in Melbourne today.


New Zealand 7.8.50 def PNG 5.2.32

Goals NZ: James Bowden (3); Craig Ashton (2), Caleb Stick (1), Geoffrey Thomas (1)

Goals PNG: Alister Sioni (2); Dominic Livuana (1); Stanley Tapend (1); Overa Gibson

Best NZ: James Bowden, Andrew Congalton, Geoffrey Thomas, Marcus Jones, Jason Pocock

Best PNG: David Gavara Nanu, Alister Sioni, Overa Gibson, Navu Maha, Stanley Tapend

BEST & FAIREST MEDAL OF THE GRAND FINAL was awarded to James Bowden, New Zealand.

The remaining 8 nations also played their final round in the 2005 International Cup tournament to claim their international ranking.


Samoa 3.9.27 def Great Britain 2.3.15

Goals Samoa: Fia Tootoo (2); Geraro Agamataci (1)

Goals Great Britain: Rob Burgess (1); Julian Ford (1)

Best Samoa: Rudolph David, Paul Wright, Lafoca Sefo, Nafatali Tagai, Mateta Kirisome

Best Great Britain: Gary Dutton, Vincent Carey, Jonathan Boyle

USA 10.5.65 def Ireland 4.6.30

Goals USA: Dustin Jones (4); Charley Ellis (2); Jeff Purcell (1); Marty Curry (1); Josh Loring (1); Dave Thurmond (1)

Goals Ireland: Daire O’hAophagain (2); Derek Troy (1), Ian O’Sullivan (1),

Best USA: Dustin Jones, Donnie Lucero, James Brunmeier, Charley Ellis, Dave Thurmond, Aaron Nelson

Best Ireland: Ian O’Sullivan, Denis Goggin, Cian Quigley

Canada 4.5.29 def South Africa 2.6.18

Goals Canada: David Wells (2), Ken Tumak (1), Adrian Lagan (1)

Goals South Africa: Bryan Mitchell (1); Willem Jonker (1)

Best Canada: David Wells, Kevin Minaker, Dale Simnett, Rob McElwain, Chris Cunnings

Best South Africa: Seven Malinga, Koos Serapelo, Willem Ven Den Berg

Japan 11.7.73 def Spain 2.1.13

Goals Japan: Jun Oikawa (5), Hiroyki Shiba (3) Toshihiro Wakazawa (1), Yusuke Hoshi (1), Kideki Miyasaka (1)

Goals Spain: Antonio Avila, Pablo Mas

Best Japan: Kazuaki Hara, Hiroaki Seino, Yuta Tsutsumi, Yusuke Hoshi

Best Spain: Richard Carro, Victor dela Cruz Rivera, Santiago Llinares, Pablo Mas


1st New Zealand
2nd Papua New Guinea
3rd USA
4th Ireland
5th Samoa
6th Great Britain
7th Canada
8th South Africa
9th Japan
10th Spain