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BC Cup huge success in Vancouver, Canada

North America

The BC Cup was a huge success in Vancouver with 5 teams Vancouver Cougars, Burnaby Eagles, Victoria Lions, Seattle Grizzlies and Alberta Kangaroos (21 Calgary Roos plus 4 Red Deer Magpies) taking to the field.

The standard of play was excellent at times for international footy with it reminding me of seconds football in Australian country places like Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong and Goulburn Valley.

The Alberta Roos won the tournament. Editor: by just 3% - I bet the runners-up were calling for their calculators.

Game Results

Game 1 –Alberta Roos 8.7.53 def. Burnaby Eagles 5.3.33
Game 2 – Seattle Grizzlies 3.8.26 def. Victoria Lions 3.4.22
Game 3 –Alberta Roos 5.8.38 def. Vancouver Cougars 5.5.35
Game 4 – Seattle Grizzlies 4.5.29 def. Burnaby Eagles 3.4.22
Game 5 –Alberta 4.3.27 def. Victoria Lions 3.2.20
Game 6 –Burnaby Eagles 5.3.33 def. Victoria Lions 3.8.26
Game 7 – Seattle Grizzlies 6.3.39 def. Vancouver Cougars 4.3.27

Full reports can be seen at bcfooty.com and calgarykangaroos.com

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BC Cup huge success in Vancouver, Canada
Authored by: Brett Northey on Saturday, June 25 2005 @ 12:25 am ACST

Sounds like a great tournament. Best wishes for a quick recovery to Jason Stratford who broke his ankle. Jason is one of the hard workers who does a lot with the junior program in Vancouver.

Brett Northey - Co-founder of WFN, Chief Editor and Editor for North America and Africa