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Monday, October 21 2019 @ 10:34 am ACDT

The Footy Record - International Aussie Rules Scoreboard - comes to WFN


World Footy News now has a front page link to Ian Hill's Footy Record, a site dedicated to collecting and collating results from clubs and leagues around the globe.

The software, designed specifically for Australian football scores and named after the traditional at-the-ground fan's magazine in Australian football, is a way of keeping track of league records, useful for anyone looking for a collection point to keep history for prosperity.

Ian's Footy Record was originally designed for keeping track of the Danish AFL's records. This has now grown to encompass the DAFL, Stockholm Australian Football Federation and the Australian Football League Germany - and any more leagues wanting to come onside are welcome.

The Footy Record will also collect all results from the International Cup in August as part of WFN's coverage.

Leagues or clubs wanting to use to use the Footy Record will need Ian to set up their initial account, however once this is complete you will be able to enter all your results directly. To get started, simply contact Ian at the About Us page.

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