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Wednesday, November 25 2020 @ 11:42 pm ACDT

South Africa embraces Australian Rules football - ABC Report

AfricaThe recent Convicts tour gave the Australian media another chance to look at Aussie Rules in South Africa. The ABC was on-hand at one of the clinics to record an interview.

Elizabeth Jackson reported that the South African Government "has declared Australian Rules Football the sport for the new South Africa, and the league is ratcheting up its marketing to target a whole new market". Zoe Daniel interviewed AFL South Africa's Steve Harrison: "Aussie Rules so far, has proven to be a very good way of bringing people together. We had a game, it was the Gauteng Province playing against the convicts and it was a half and half mix of black and white players, and that was absolutely fantastic, and they lined up, they sung the national anthem, playing Australian football and it was half black, half white and that's what we're going for".

The full report can be read and listened to at the AM program.

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