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Monday, January 20 2020 @ 04:18 pm ACDT

Eastern AFL season takes shape in the US

North AmericaAs happens every few years, as the best formula for footy in the United States is sought, some of the major leagues have undergone a significant restructure for 2005, with the emergence of the Eastern AFL. As reported previously, a loose description would be that the NEAFL and SEAFL have merged into a larger league, covering the Atlantic coast. The now confirmed seven EAFL teams are:

Baltimore Washington Eagles
Boston Demons
Florida Redbacks
North Carolina Tigers
New York Magpies
Philadelphia Hawks
Pittsburgh Wallabies

As part of the enticement for the relatively new Florida Redbacks to join, they have been offered a draw that sees them only travel once, to North Carolina. The new league appears set to play a mixed schedule, with some matches being "traditional" in a home and away style (one side travels to another for a single match), and other times featuring tournament style weekends with perhaps three sides playing round robin (each other once). Although a mixed draw may not seem ideal, or fit the better known system used in Australia, it could well play a vital role in providing an organised league whilst allowing the flexibility needed for what is still a young sport in America. Perhaps a similarly flexible system could be used to solve some of the problems that continue to plague the western clubs. We will bring you news of their plans as they become available. The other two major interstate leagues in the US for 2005 will be the more settled Mid American AFL and the North West Pacific AFL (spanning into Canada).

More details of the EAFL season can be found on the preliminary league home page courtesy of the Baltimore-Washington Eagles.
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